Need For Speed: Top 4 Race Games For Android

Nowadays, people are more often choosing to play games on smartphones rather than computers or consoles. Because of this, developers are paying much more attention to developing games especially for Android users. Luckily for them, game developers recreate realistic racing games which allow smartphone users to enjoy racing on their smartphone as well as on their computers. We have tested 5 of the best game apps available today, which are as good as computer racing games.

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Asphalt 9: Legends

The Asphalt series has become legendary for Android users. In the ninth series of the game, there are real cars, such as the Lamborghini Veneno or Bugati Veeron which you can also use to compete with other players or try to drive in the off-road mode. Asphalt 9: Legends has a lot of tracks with the best sports cars in the world. This arcade game differs from the others with its bright and believable graphics and special effects, in addition, it also has voice guidance. 

Real Racing 3

Experienced gamers who like racing games will definitely appreciate the recently released game Real Racing 3. The game has plenty of multiplayer modes, where you can compete with your friends on every possible track around the world. The game is truly immersive. A big plus of the game is the presence of an easy to understand beginner’s mode, which assists less experienced players improve as they go through the challenges and master new speed tracks.

CSR Racing 2

The CSR Racing series is one of the most popular racings which became famous recently. In this game firstly you have to buy cars, repair them, and only then participate in races. There are five classes of cards, a career mode, customizable cards, and a few different control schemes. You can play as a single player campaign, as well as take part in competitions with live racers. 

Drift Legends

Drift Legends is a mobile racing game in which players are invited to take control of one of the many cars and go to set records on different tracks, fighting either with bots or with other real players. The goal of the game is to grow from beginner to professional league racer reaching new levels. Drivers compete with other players for prizes, which are new sports cars and the status of the best racer in the game universe.

F1 Mobile

Formula 1 fans will definitely appreciate this game. In F1 you can create your own sports car from scratch or join one of the 10 official teams. Your main goal is to overtake all the competitors and cross the finish line first. Players not only participate in local events, but also take part in large-scale events with racers all around the world. The game has chic graphics and a realistic interface.

We are sure you will definitely find something to your liking. Do not waste your time, download the games and enjoy the speed with your friends. Everyone could become a true racer from now!