Can You Get OSRS Gold in the 10th Anniversary Event?

OSRS 10th Anniversary Event Guide

Here’s what you need to know about OSRS’ 10th Anniversary Event. This year’s Old School RuneScape anniversary event marks ten years since the launch of the 2007 version of RuneScape. It’s been ten years filled with a lot of grind, where many players struggled and enjoyed earning XP, OSRS GP, completing achievement diaries, climbing the HiScores, facing bosses and raids, playing minigames, PKing and anti-Pking in the Wilderness, or even flipping their OSRS gold on the Grand Exchange.

These ten years have seen plenty of major game updates, all closely discussed with the community. There have been a lot of QoL improvements, and a lot of new content has reached the game, such as new bosses, minigames, and even new game modes, such as the ironman mode, where you cannot trade your OSRS gold with other players. Besides this, Jagex has also optimized their bot detection to minimize the bot farms and the OSRS gold sellers and has put the basis for introducing more security for the accounts to prevent players from being hacked.

The Event

You could do the event regardless if you’re on a member’s or a F2P account between the 22nd of February and the 15th of March. To start the event, you must speak to Patty in the Lumbridge castle and agree to help her. You will receive a broken cake tin. Speak with the cook, and he will give you a note which you will have to take to Bob in the axe shop, located just south of the Lumbridge castle courtyard eastern exist. He will repair the cake tin; you must return it to Patty. She will give you a new task: retrieve her chef’s hat. To distract her from the hat, speak to Warmhandz in the General store in Lumbridge and direct him to patty. Because he is an aspiring chef and the patty is eager to help him, she no longer cares about the hat. They bake a cake together, asking you to submit it to the Cake Off on their behalf.

Go to Falador’s Party room and speak to Party Pete, then speak to Archmage Sedridor and Party Pete again. Afterward, check all the cakes for the competition and talk to Party Pete again to start a cutscene. After this, speak again to Party Pete and then to Warmhandz to tell them they won the competition. Talk to Party Pete one last time to finish the event and optionally climb down the stairs to reach the Old School Museum to talk to Sir Pear Visor.

A Short History of How OSRS Came to Be

After Jagex introduced micro-transactions to RuneScape, and further changed the game’s direction by bringing the Evolution of Combat, a wholly reworked combat system. Many players have simply quit or wanted to play a former version of the game, the old one they previously loved and enjoyed. Since players had already quit the game, RuneScape was at a point where they were struggling, and the player base was slowly going down.

Since the community wanted to play the former version of the game, Jagex tried to locate a previous version of the game. They managed to recover an August 2007 version of RuneScape and made a poll in which they asked the RuneScape community to vote if they wanted to play that version. The aim was to preserve the playerbase and hopefully bring back the people who had quit because of microtransactions and the Evolution of Combat update. The promise that Jagex has kept to this day was that they’d never bring microtransactions to Old School RuneScape and poll the changes to the game to stay in line with what the community desires.

Rewards From the Event

As a reward for completing the 10th birthday event, you will expand your fashion collection with many untradeable rewards such as the 10th birthday balloons, 10th birthday cape, Bob the cat slippers or Jad slippers, Cake hat, Dragon candle dagger, Gnome child backpack. You will also unlock a party emote and get a Silver party hat. Even though this one is not tradeable, you won’t be able to obtain any OSRS gold as its more colorful counterparts sell for a few thousand OSRS gold, but it will still expand your collection. On top of this, your OSRS accounts for sale will gain access to all of the birthday rewards from the previous years, which you can get from Diango in Draynor Village.