OSRS Hubs Worth Checking Out

For the most updated news, updates, and content! As gamers, we like to be on the ball about the latest events and rewards a game provides to its players. It’s unfortunate to find out that the moment you stopped playing OSRS, a week-long XP or OSRS gold multiplier event started. Missing out isn’t fun, so you’ll need to keep updated on the game. Aside from that, guides are great for getting direction when lost.

Here are the best hubs to keep up on the current events in OSRS, and more.

The Official Hub

Found right at oldschool.runescape.com, it’s the official hub of the game. On the front page, you’ll see the news when you scroll down a little bit, along with a list of links to tools on the left side. It’s also where you can download the game, check on servers, and connect with the community.

One advantage it has over the others is, being official, you can be sure that this is the most accurate and trustworthy source of news for the game. Sometimes, you don’t know if the information you get from searching is from leaks, which are questionable at best. Otherwise, they can be unfounded rumors which are false from top to bottom, kind of like the hype for a new RS game a while back.

Here, you know that this is what Jagex is saying about a certain event or content update.

Steam Hub

Similar to the official hub, the Steam hub for news gets its data from the devs themselves, so much of their news is from the official hub anyway. Its advantage is that you can access it from the Steam app, without having to open a browser.

It can also give you access to player-created guides and forums. The Steam community is pretty active, as long as the game is also active and popular. OSRS is all good on this front, so that’s a plus.


Their OSRS hub has it all. It has a news feed, updates from the official Twitter, several calculators, and various other tools. It even has a tracker for the Grand Exchange, so you can check up on the prices of OSRS items for sale. That makes it perfect when flipping for extra OSRS GP. The official site also has this, so pick which one you prefer.

Aside from all the tools it has, it also lets players keep track of their account’s stats. So far it only keeps track of your skill levels. This functionality is still under construction, and the creators are asking for feedback on what players would like to see tracked.


The OSRS Wiki is the best information hub there is on the game. Sure, it’s player-curated and written. However, the admins only accept facts and those with the correct sources too. It even has guides and tips for quests and leveling. Even bosses have some strategy pages you can use. If you ever have questions about anything in the game, this is the site to go.

It doesn’t have calculators or anything, but each item (if they can be sold) has its current price listed on its respective pages. You won’t find much content for future events and the like, though. However, you can get patch notes after they’ve been applied. 


Theoatrix is a guide creator for both OSRS and Runescape. He’s found on Youtube with that channel name. More than leveling guides for all the skills, he has videos on the fastest methods to level up. Then he also gives tips and tricks on his videos, great for maximizing the efficiency of certain activities.

If you’d rather read than watch his videos, he has his own site, theoatrix.net, where his Youtube videos are transcribed. The site also has some calculators and a Grand Exchange price tracker for some items. When needing a guide for a quest, skilling, or whatever activity, he’s your guy.

Parting Words

Whatever you need for OSRS, these hubs would be great to bookmark or follow. Okay, following multiple might be redundant, but at least you’re very sure you won’t miss anything. Whether you’re skilling, bossing, farming OSRS gold or questing, these are the resources you need to keep up to date and be efficient in the activity.

Enjoy OSRS and remember to have fun!