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Path of Exile: GGG Announces New Mystery Box

As is tradition with a new patch in Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games has brought a new set of microtransactions to the Cash Shop in the form of a new Mystery Box. Mystery Boxes in POE are special as they are loot boxes that often contain special cosmetic items that can only be obtained through said loot box mechanic. GGG sometimes have a sale where they bring back old Path of Exile Mystery Boxes, but that’s very rare.

This new Path of Exile loot box features two new microtransaction sets as the main attraction and some themed items. The central theme of the new Frontier Mystery Boxes is an aesthetic straight out of the old West. These include the Native American-themed Wild set and the 19th Century Cowboy/Inventor Wrangler set.

One feature that bargain hunters should be excited about is combining duplicate items from Mystery Boxes. While the original two combined items will be lost, combining duplicate items (where possible) will result in a single recoloured version of the item.

Here’s a trailer showcasing some of the new items in this Loot Crate:

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