Pokémon GO: a 21-year-old American was killed while playing Police Say

On October 18, Cayla Campos, a girl in the United States. At the age of twenty-one, he was killed with a pistol shot at Albuquerque after attending, together with his son, Sidney, a robbery near Bianchetti Park. According to the reconstruction of the events carried out by police officers, the two were playing Pokémon GO in their car.

Apparently, while they were busy playing with the augmented reality title, the two have witnessed an attempted robbery operated by two strangers for the damage of another driver. As they fled aboard their vehicle, they were joined by several shots of thieves who, meanwhile, knew of their presence. One of the bullets hit Cayla’s shoulders, causing the car to collide with one of the nearby houses. The intervention of the staff of the emergency department of the UNM Hospital is useless: the girl died from the injuries.

The news was also reported on the Pokémon GO bulletin board, which reflects the community about what happened. The lifelong player, Kody Love, has invited all his colleagues to “consider their safety when they go out to play” and “pay attention to where they are playing.” The Albuquerque police, meanwhile, keeps track of the two thieves, who to date have not yet been identified.