Popular Browser and Mobile Games to Beat Boredom

It’s not uncommon to find patches of boredom with nothing to do. It does not matter whether you are a student, professional, or homemaker. Sometimes, we manage our days so efficiently that we find ourselves done with our tasks. Sometimes we just have a slow day at work, play big buck hunter, the most iconic arcade game around, see Big Buck hunter review and tap into one of the largest arcade fan bases. However, dealing with boredom can be very easy when you have access to a bite-sized game. Online games based on Adobe Flash were hugely popular all over the world. And now, you can play many such games on your smartphone too! Read on to find out more.  

Playing Browser Games on Your Smartphone 

All you needed was a standard desktop browser and a dial-up internet connection to play browser games on your PC. They were rarely too demanding, even for older, less powerful PCs back then. They had basic graphics and simple mechanics. So, everyone could learn them and start playing in just a few minutes. However, these days we have more sophisticated computers and better internet like Spectrum deals. So, most people enjoy more intricate gaming experiences.  

Of course, you can’t just start playing Dota2 or FIFA while waiting for your next assignment. It would take too long to finish the game. And most such games need a lot of concentration on focus. Luckily, you can play a lot of bite-sized games on your smartphone. And you can even play some of the most famous desktop browser games on your phone as well. Try out these mobile versions of some of the best desktop games ever: 

The Empire Builder Sensation – Forge of Empires 

Do you enjoy civilization-building games like Total War or Civilization? Making those huge games work on a smartphone isn’t possible right now. But you can still play lighter versions of those games on a desktop browser. And you can do the same on a smartphone. Forge of Empires combines civilization-building as well as tactical warfare in a game you can play for months. You begin right in the Stone Age with a small group of people and forge your way to becoming the strongest empire. Fight other players nearby and take their resources. Or let your city accumulate them while you’re offline. You just can’t get enough of this game.  

The Legendary RPG – Raid: Shadow Legends 

Role-playing games are among the most popular gaming genres today. Of course, you may find it difficult to find a smartphone that can play something like Skyrim or Fallout4. But there are still plenty of other games based on desktop browser versions of RPGs. Raid: Shadow Legends falls in the RPG category. Flamboyant yet stunning visuals, exciting gameplay, and ethereal champions hack and slash your way to the top! 

For Railroad Addicts – Rail Nation  

Trains captivate us as children, and some of us cannot let go of that connection as we grow up. For fans of railroads and strategic building, Rail Nation is one of the best games to try out. Spanning six distinctive eras in history, build your railroad empire. Help your empire progress from steam locomotives to modern bullet trains.  

The Most Famous MMORPG Ever – RuneScape 

RuneScape has been around for so long, a lot of people can’t believe it still exists. But you can play it on certain types of browsers even today. RuneScape is one of the earliest and best MMORPG to emerge on the scene. It generated a huge following and remains open to new players. RuneScape is not exactly a bite-sized game, and it is immersive enough to whisk you away for hours. But you can play online with friends, head out on quests, and battle enemy heroes. The game is a fun experience! And you can play it without needing powerful PC hardware like other games. 

Civilization Builder and Conquest – Travian  

Travian is a classic multiplayer game, and it falls in the civilization builder genre. Against the backdrop of an ancient and vast world, your tribe emerges with you as the leader. Take them on the path to success and glory through battling and raiding. Or you can choose to use diplomacy as your primary tool of dealing with the world. Navigate through history and rise to become the most powerful empire in the world.