Redeem NBA 2K21 Active Locker Codes – October 2020

NBA 2K21 Locker codes are text codes that you enter in the NBA 2K21 MyTeam menu that often reward you with a free launcher or package. Locker codes often expire after a week.

Some locker codes have an expiration date, while others can be redeemed as long as the game’s servers stay online.

List of codes currently active in NBA 2K21:

  • VINCE-CARTER-GAME-WINNER – Emerald Vince Carter.
  • WELCOME-TO-NEXT-IS-NOW – Next is Now Tip Off East pack, Next Is Now Tip-Off West pack, or 3 Tokens.
  • ONE-WILL-RISE-SUPER-PACK – Tip-Off East, Tip-Off West, Idols Manu, Idols Dominique, Flash 1, or Clutch Pack.
  • CONGRATS-CHAMPION-LAKERS – One ’19-’20 Lakers player.
  • MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB – 1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, or Basketball Pack.

Expired NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

  • MYTEAM-FINALS-PACKS – Redeem code for a chance at a NBA Finals Pack, Playoff Records, Stoppers, Underdogs, Dimers or Back-to-Back Pack.
  • SET-A-RECORD-SPOTLIGHTS – Playoff Records Pack, Playoff Stoppers Pack, Playoff Underdogs Pack, Playoff Dimers Pack, or a Back-to-Back Pack.
  • 250K-GAMEDAY-1 – Finals, Clutch, Flash 1, or Idols Manu or Idols Dominique pack.
  • GLITCHED-JOHN-STOCKTON – Flash 1 Pack, 1,000 MTP, or 2 Tokens.
  • IDOLS-HIGHLIGHT-FILM – IDOLS Series I: Dominique Wilkins, IDOLS Series I: Manu Ginobili Pack or 2 Tokens.
  • NBA-FINALS-PLAYER – ’20 Lakers or Heat player for your MyTEAM.
  • UNDERDOGS-IN-MyTEAM – Playoff Underdogs Pack, Gold Consumables Pack or Contract Pack.
  • LEBRON-OR-BUTLER – Sapphire LeBron James or Jimmy Butler card.
  • ASSISTS-WITH-PLAYOFF-DIMERS – Playoff Dimers Pack, Gold Consumables, or 2 Tokens.
  • MYTEAM-IDOLS-MANU-PACK – IDOLS Series I: Manu Ginobili Pack, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, 2 Tokens, or 1,000 MyTEAM Points
  • BACK-TO-BACK-PACKS-CHALLENGES – Back-to-Back Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or a Base League Pack
  • CLUTCH-PACK-IN-MYTEAM – Clutch Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or 2 Tokens
  • SPOTLIGHT-PLAYOFF-STOPPERS – Playoff Stoppers pack, Consumables pack, Contract pack or 1 Token
  • WELCOME-TO-ONE-WILL-RISE – East or West Season Tip Pack, 500 MTP or 1 Token

How to Redeem NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

To use NBA 2K21 Locker Codes, select the MyTeam area from the main menu and scroll to Extras in the sub-menu then select Locker Codes. Once you’re there, simply type in the NBA 2K21 Locker Codes listed above.

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