Rooftop Cafes Around the World: Unusual Concepts

If you are looking for restaurants where the view is as good as the food, then we can help you. In the places that we will tell you about, it is difficult to take your eyes off the beautiful view for long enough to eat. Today we will tell you about some of the most unusual rooftop restaurants and cafes in the world. We will tell you about:

  • The Roof Gardens
  • Evo
  • Celeste
  • Monkey Bar
  • Mr. Punch Winebar.

Lovers of travel, delicious food, and heights should pay attention to them. We will also tell you more about how to make your trip easier with the help of a modern eSIM card.

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Unusual rooftop restaurants and cafes

The Roof Gardens, London, Great Britain

The Roof Gardens is a live music venue in London. Large, lush roof gardens with flamingos in central London? Yes, it’s true: they exist, and they are so beautiful that you can’t even imagine. Here you will find beautifully manicured lawns, trimmed and carved, with various garden plots, ducks, and pink flamingos dancing in the ponds. On Fridays and Saturdays, The Roof Gardens offers a three-course dinner. The service is impeccable, and the price is worth it. If you didn’t manage to reserve a place in this restaurant in advance but took our advice about an eSIM card, then reserve a table using the Internet from the virtual SIM Card.

Evo, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona’s famous capsule restaurant is located 100 meters above the Hesperia Hotel. Like a decoration for a space epic, it hovers above the hotel, surprising all Barcelona tourists. The 24-meter-diameter capsule looks like a ship of extraterrestrial civilization and enjoys well-deserved respect among advanced Barcelona residents. Tables in the restaurant are located only on the edge of the capsule, so that the view of the city will not be obscured by the heads of the neighbors. By the way, despite the futuristic look of the restaurant, the menu consists of dishes of classic haute Spanish cuisine.

Celeste, Chicago, USA

Celeste is a modern Instagram dream with three floors of hospitality and charm in a renovated 1888 Louis Sullivan building. While each floor is decorated to match a distinct theme, the rooftop is by far the best. Dubbed the “Roof Garden”, the space has recently been enclosed with glass panels and completely transformed.

Adorned with sumptuous Victorian furniture upholstered in tropical patterns to match the lush greenery, the space is described as an ode to an English garden.

Serving delicious and beautifully presented cocktails, this space is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. While it’s open year-round, acoustic performances and themed parties make summer the best season to visit.

Monkey Bar, Berlin, Germany

Monkey Bar on the rooftop of the Berlin 25 Hours hotel not only offers stunning views of the city and the green oasis of the Tiergarten but also takes guests into the jungle atmosphere–– thanks to an interesting interior with palm trees and African masks and a variety of exotic cocktails, fruits, and snacks served in a coconut shell. In addition, the bar often becomes a venue for various kinds of performances, including street theater, young musical groups, stand-up comedians, and artists of original genres.

Les Etoiles, Rome, Italy

The panoramic Roman restaurant Les Etoiles is located in the garden, on the roof of the Rome Atlante Hotel. The magnificent 360° panorama of the ancient city and the view of St. Peter’s Cathedral attract many directors and television companies here. Here, you can take great photos for your social networks and use your eSIM to post them. The Romans especially like to come here at sunset and admire the shades of red, orange, and pink that are characteristic of the Roman sunset. Award-winning chefs use the finest ingredients from all over the Apennine Peninsula to prepare their dishes, with a special focus on organic produce.

Mr. Punch Wine Bar, Singapore

The bar is located on the roof of the toy museum and attracts visitors with its unique design: vintage metal advertising boards and massive wooden furniture, reminiscent of past eras.

From the roof of Mr. Punch, you will not see the usual skyscrapers, but you can enjoy views of the colonial part of the city, unusual cocktails, and a good selection of wines, which, by the way, have daily discounts.


Connoisseurs of unusual holidays, travelers looking for something new and amazing, or just gourmets can use our list in order to plan their vacation. The main thing to remember is that these restaurants are very popular because of their unusualness. Take care of booking a table in advance!