Setting up a triple monitor system for your laptop: A step-by-step guide

Have you ever had to carry work with you away from your workspace? It is becoming a new reality. With the emergence of smaller screen sizes and portable computers, we have the opportunity to complete a backlog of work that could pile up if we left it. However, working outside your workspace could take away from the immersive experience. It could even slow you down, making you spend more time on what you would do in less time. 

This problem was, however, resolved when the Mobile Pixels Trio laptop screen extender was manufactured. It allowed people to carry a miniature set-up of their workspace with them.

In this article, we will show you how the Trio laptop screen extender works and how you can set it up and begin to experience the goodness that comes with owning one. Read on to learn more. 


What is a triple monitor setup?

A triple monitor setup, in simple terms, is a set of three screens that you connect with another system—in this case, your laptop—to create a wider screen. It is similar to the regular dual-screen setup, only this time with three screens. 

Now, there are several triple-monitor setups. Some require you to connect three desktop computers that will project onto your laptop screen. This article is not about those. It is about something even better—stacked monitors. Stacked monitors have been proven to be of tremendous benefit, especially in the aspect of increased productivity because of the seamless flow between their screens. Now, back to triple monitors. 

Triple monitors in the form of stacked monitors offer the same benefits. So instead of purchasing three different monitors, you have them all in a single laptop screen extender.  

How does the Trio laptop screen extender work?

It works alongside your laptop. You fasten it to your laptop as an additional screen on the side. You then connect it to your laptop. It is powered by your laptop battery. Because there are different types of operating systems, you will configure and calibrate them based on the laptop you use. Let’s explore a guide to setting it up step by step. 

How to set the trio laptop screen extender up

You can assemble your triple setup without a hassle. All you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide. 

Step 1: Cables

The very first step is to confirm that you have the right cables. To power your Trio laptop screen extender, you have to connect it to your laptop with a cable. There are different types of cables and accessories, but the basic things you need are HDMI cables (at least 2) and a display port. If your laptop does not have the ports you need, there are external ones you can buy and attach. Next is to connect it.

Step 2: Attach it

Though there are different screen extenders, this is the Trio laptop screen extender. So, you will have three screens (your laptop’s included). Open it up. It has a pouch-like center. Clamp this part to the back of your laptop. Now, connect the cables to where each belongs. When it comes on, it is time to tweak the settings.


Step 3: Correct the settings

If you have never operated a projector or do not have technical knowledge, this may seem daunting. But do not worry. You do not need to be tech-savvy to operate the Trio laptop screen extender. Follow these steps to fix the settings. 

It is somewhat similar to working with a projector. But it differs based on the laptop. 

For Windows 10 and 11 

On your laptop’s home screen, right-click. A set of options will appear. Select display settings. Several extender screens will appear. Choose your monitors according to how they are arranged (e.g., 1, 2, 3). Select Save after choosing. And you are set.

For Macs

In the finder, search for system settings. There, you will find the display option. Select the correct display. There you have it. You are set. 

Some other things to consider

  1. Conserve your battery

Since your triple monitor will be powered by your laptop’s battery, you will need to get stronger batteries and take measures to save it. One thing you can do is reduce your screen brightness when you can. It will help conserve your battery. 

  1. Protect your screens

To enjoy your screens for a long time, make an intentional effort to keep them free from scratches. There are different types of screen protectors; choose the most affordable one for you.


We need portable screens to work either at home or on the go. Though phones are portable devices, they may not help us achieve what we want to do in our workspaces. Thankfully, the Trio laptop screen extender solves this problem. With the steps above, you can set it up without a hassle and enjoy an immersive experience everywhere you go.