The 3 Excellent Ways to Get More Comments on Your YouTube Video

YouTube is an online video-sharing platform that also has social media features. This platform is popular across the globe among users of all age groups. The platform is used for sharing all kinds of videos, ranging from funny cat videos to do-it-yourself tutorials. YouTube also pays its influencers according to the number of views on their video.

This article will focus on one important aspect of YouTube videos: the comment section. We will help you understand how to get more comments on your YouTube video. And as usual, we have a bonus tool revealed at the end of this article.

How Important are Comments on Your YouTube Video?

When a user leaves a comment on your video, whether positive or negative, it signifies that they have spent their valuable time watching your video. And if they appreciate your content, they will be likely to leave an encouraging comment on your video. Their one comment adds to the visibility of your video on the platform and increases its chances of getting picked up by the YouTube algorithm. Comments are necessary for engagement on your channel, and the higher their numbers, the higher your chances of getting featured in the search bar. Your videos will be recommended more in users’ playlists and your rank will increase on the platform. So, comments are an integral part of your success on the platform. Now let us find out the top 3 tips that can help you in gaining more comments on your YouTube videos.

3 Excellent Ways to Get More Comments on Your YouTube Video

1. Work on Your Content

The first thing you need to do is work on your content. Content that resonates with your audience is the one that will help you achieve more likes and comments on your videos. Choose topics that are in trend and curate content on these topics. If you are someone who knows how to handle trolls, you can also make a silly mistake in your videos intentionally. This technique will draw more viewers to correct you in the comment section, as people love to correct other people, especially when they are behind their screens.

You can also try another technique that involves asking questions in your video. You can ask your viewers what content they would like to see in your next video or ask them a question related to the topic of your current video.

Use tools available on the internet to find out your most engaging videos with the highest comments and try to understand why this video clicked with your audiences. Replicate the technique behind the video in your other videos. Arrange your videos in playlists rather than leaving them as separate videos.

2. Work on Your Comment Section

You need to invest time in your comment section to get more comments on your video. Be the first to comment on your videos; this will help jumpstart conversations in your comment section. Also, try to reply to most of the comments from your viewers. Your tone should be friendly and informal. One way to gain more comments is by announcing that you will be showing the best comments at the end of your next video. This encourages viewers to leave comments on your videos so that they can be featured in your next video.

You can also announce that you will be hosting a Q&A session in your next video. Another way is to let them know that you will be responding to all the comments on your current video within an hour of releasing that video on the platform. Always make your audience feel involved in your content by engaging with them in conversations in your comment section. And you must avoid trolls, never engage with them as it will only bring down your reputation. They are not worth your time and attention, instead, focus on positive and encouraging comments.

3. Be part of a community

Being part of any social media platform requires you to be part of a community on that platform. You must be familiar with creators who are working in your niche environment. Leave a comment on the videos of your fellow creators; it might be witty or encouraging. This will grab the attention of your fellow creators’ viewers, and they will be checking out your profile and leaving a comment on your videos. Other creators will also return the favour by commenting on your videos. You can also recommend their videos to your viewers and ask them to leave a comment on the video. Their comment should include the information that you asked them to view that video.

Create content in collaboration with other creators and influencers. This will help drive traffic from their channel to your comment section. You can also host contests and offer giveaways to promote your videos on the platform. Ask your viewers to comment on your videos to take part in the contests.

So, these were the top 3 excellent ways that can help you get more comments on your YouTube video. You can also try some other methods such as focusing on your thumbnails, including timestamps in the description of your videos, and making sure you select the title of your videos very carefully. Always ask your friends and family to leave a comment on your videos. And if these methods seem to be taking a long time, you can always buy comments for your YouTube videos. Just make sure to keep working on the organic methods as well.

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