The Best Minigames and Side Missions From Video Game History

Over the course of their existence, video games have undergone numerous transformations. They have become more complex, they have become larger, and they have been given better graphics. In addition, modern games come with multiplayer modes, allow players to take advantage of an endless stream of updates that bring about new features, and can be played on the go through the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

We also enjoy the minigame, which is a side quest that typically has little to no impact on the outcome of the main game but uses the same characters and functionality as the main game. This is another aspect of modern games that we find enjoyable. The introduction of the compact disc to the gaming industry in the 1990s was the catalyst that made it possible for them to be created. Prior to that time, cartridges and floppy discs did not have sufficient space to accommodate the additional code.

However, not every instance of a minigame or side mission is created in the same manner. The “Fishing With Big” minigame in Sonic Adventure was a tedious and inconvenient obstacle that stood in the way of completing the game, whereas some of these other minigames provided hours of entertainment.

Fallout 4: Red Menace

By including minigames that resemble a video game console that the character is playing in more recent years, developers have created a sort of video game inception. One of these is Fallout 4: Red Menace, which features a device called the “Pip Boy,” a form of personal computer or smartphone.

As well as more important tasks, the Pip Boy can be used to play games. One of these is Red Menace, a 2D platformer game that bears a striking resemblance to Nintendo’s Donkey Kong. It’s a great game to enjoy for a few minutes in between completing other tasks in the game. 

Grand Theft Auto Online:

Since the original slot machine was invented in the 19th century, the format has evolved a lot. Gone are the mechanical “one-armed bandit” machines seen in the 20th century, replaced with entirely digital devices known as video slots that offer bonus games and improved graphics. 

Being digital also allows slot games to be available online through casino websites and mobile apps. It gives slot creators the chance to be creative with new, unique game ideas and themes, with everything from the cowboy-themed Wild Draw Saloon to the ancient Egyptian-themed Pharaoh’s Loot. 

Seeing the popularity of these video slots, Rockstar Games, the creators of Grand Theft Auto, decided to include the feature in their GTA Online world.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is packed with great minigames and side missions; even the infuriatingly long ones, like the 3D-era vehicle missions, were still fun to play. In 2004, San Andreas took the series to a whole new level, with many more minigames than had ever been included before, including video game consoles inside the game that you could play on.

However, few have proved to be as popular as the casino games, particularly since the Diamond Casino & Resort update was released for GTA Online in mid-2019.

Shenmue: Forklift Racing

Shenmue for the Sega Dreamcast was cutting-edge for its time, creating an open-world 3D environment that combined brawling, role-playing, and life simulation elements. It also packed in dozens of minigames, the best of which involved forklift racing.