The best online games to play with your friends

Just because you can’t physically be with your friends while socially distancing doesn’t mean you can’t play with them. And having fun isn’t just for kids. Studies show that playing online games as an adult can do everything from help you to manage your stress to improve your overall well-being – something we all need during these tough times. You will need internet, so make sure to get a subscription, called internet abonnement in Dutch. Here are some of the best online games to play with friends that are guaranteed to bring you and your clan together for some fun even when you are not together. 


Epic’s family-friendly battle royale game continues to attract millions of daily active users. While some gamers focus on winning their next Victory Royale, the game presents dozens of challenges for gamers to tackle and overcome. The game continues to evolve with regular map changes, so the current game world won’t be the same by the end of a self-quarantine. The cartoon images appeal to gamers of all ages, but keep in mind that you use weapons to shoot other players in the game. Fortnite is free on Xbox One, PC, Switch, PS4 and mobile.

Pokémon Go

Walk through your house, yard and neighborhood on a mission to collect hidden Pokémon lurking everywhere from your kitchen to back patio. The game uses your mobile GPS and clock, allows you to communicate with your friends and even lets you track their activity in the game. You can create a friends list and trade in-game and give gifts. And since the news of the COVID-19 outbreak, the game’s manufacturers have made a number of adjustments that allow you to find more monsters closer to home and features that make the game more user-friendly in individual settings.

Fairway Solitaire

The original puzzle game is a good online game choice. Hit the fairway and complete daily challenges, earn rewards and find collectibles! While playing you can join a club, meet new friends, play together, get your club on the leaderboard and win incredible prizes! Clubs are unlocked at level 14 and anyone can join. Team up to earn club chips to unlock incredible prizes! The game is available on iOS, Google Play and Amazon. Age rating is 4+ and the average age range of players is 40-65. Complete clever solitaire puzzles, master the course and earn prizes!


Experts consider this the ultimate collaboration, noting that the popular online game had a resurgence last year and continues to grow with each new generation of gamers. Up to eight friends can join an online game on different computers and build whatever they can think of in creative mode, or maybe get together to see how long they can last in survival mode. And if parents have a kid in the house who’s never tried it, staying at home might be the perfect time to introduce them. Minecraft’s construction mechanics tend to turn kids into budding construction engineers. All ages can play Minecraft on Xbox One, PC, Switch, PS4, and mobile for $20, and it’s available for free on Xbox Game Pass.