The Enduring Appeal of Egyptian Themed Slot Games

Gaming is the largest entertainment industry in the world. Yet away from console and PC gaming, titles on mobile devices are also becoming extremely popular. One offshoot of this is the mobile casino sector, and much like the gaming industry at large, it has used popular culture and history, particularly that of ancient Egypt, as a narrative tool. Below, we look at the enduring appeal of ancient Egypt in slot gaming. 

Ancient Egypt in Pop Culture

Ancient Egypt first took hold of Western popular culture’s imagination in the nineteenth century. With the discovery of King Tuts’ tomb, the press began a fascination with the phenomenon of entering long-sealed tombs for treasures of the past. The death of some of those who opened the tombs was given a sensationalized outlook, known as the curse of King Tut.

This was the inspiration for the 1932 horror movie “The Mummy”. Starring Boris Karloff, it tells the tale of a mummified king brought back to life. With the Mummy established alongside Frankenstein and Dracula, ancient Egypt has it all. Treasure, adventure, and the folklore of gods and pharaohs, along with an added side helping of horror,

Playing Egyptian Themed Games

The first step if you wish to play Egyptian-themed slot games is to choose a platform. Like picking out a console, the casino you choose to play these slots at has a huge impact. This is mainly because they will each carry different games and titles. Luckily, some of the same games, particularly the most popular ones, can be found in a range of casinos. 

Plenty of third-party sites will rate online casinos for you based on several factors, such as the provision of slots. As many of them have a vast range, you may want to look at which one provides the best bonuses. These are rewards to attract new players and keep previous ones returning. Some may match deposits made while others provide free slot title spins. For more information, this link explains how to get the best from free spin deposits. It also has a list of games available from different providers, including Egyptian-themed games such as the popular Book of Dead. 

Choosing a Game

Once you are signed up for a platform, it is time to choose a game. This is where it starts to get complicated, as there are hundreds of options. Some Egyptian-themed games are straightforward, such as the plainly titled Ancient Egypt. Yet some are incredibly complex, particularly when you get into systems such as Megaways, which provide more ways to win.

If you have never played slots before, then start with a game that has a small number of reels and win lines. Reels are the sections that spin when you start your game. The win line is a term given to the number of ways you can win. In some titles, these can number in the thousands, but these games tend to be more complex. It would be best if you left them until a little later, when you understand the basics. From here, you can begin to venture out to more complex titles when you know the basics.