The Most Popular Casino Games and How to Play Them

If there is one thing that recent years have taught us it is that people really like to play casino games. Online providers like Casino 777 have experienced levels of growth that are staggering and have customers in most parts of the world.

There is no big mystery behind why people love them though. Online casino games supply edge-of-seat thrills without needing to leave the house and the sites feature promotional offers and bonuses that old-fashioned land-based casinos can’t compete with.

Some of the actual games are a lot more popular than others though. In this article we will detail the ones with the highest popularity and how to play them successfully.


The position of slots as the single most popular type of casino game seems to be unshakeable. This broad appeal boils down to two things: they are easy to play and they offer lots of variety.

Playing is just a matter of putting your coins into the pay lines you want to bet on and then hitting the ‘play’ button to spin the reels. You win if you get a line of reel icons that matches up.

Some casino games can be hard for people to figure out, so the simplicity of slots is refreshing to new casino players. The operators of online casinos also keep the interest of users by adding different themed games, for example the movie-inspired Nightmare on Elm Street and ancient world-themed Aztec Realm found at Casino 777.

Slots are mostly about luck rather than skill, but you can improve your odds a bit by picking games with high return-to-players (RTPs) and by walking away from the game when you are still winning money.

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This is a card game and definitely one of the most widely played. In blackjack it is just you up against the dealer and the goal is to get a hand that adds up to 21 – or as close as possible – before the dealer does.

People like blackjack because the basic object of the game is one that anyone can understand. Strategies for playing it to win vary depending on your experience level, but we will look at the best new player moves.

Choose a game that involves fewer cards, such as single-deck blackjack. That will make guessing the next step easier. Other pointers include the following:

  • When to surrender

Surrender when you have a hard 16 hand, but not two 8s when the dealer holds Ace, 10 or 9. You should also surrender a hard hand of 15 when the dealer has a hand of 10.

  • When to hit and stand

Hit if you have a hard hand of 11 or lower and stand if you have a hard 12 when the dealer has 6, 5 or 4. 

  • When to split

Split your hand if you have 8s and Aces, but not if you have 10s or 5s. If the dealer has 7, 6, 5 or 4 and you have a hand of 3s and 2s; it is also smart strategy to split the hand.

Three Card Poker

Three card poker is the version of poker that attracts the most players. All forms of it are basically about attempting to get the best hand possible, but the three card one has advantages for new players.

The most important of these is that it involves a smaller hand, making it easier to follow. Another is that in three card poker you only compete against a dealer, rather than multiple other players.

Elements like the bluff still come into the strategy though. This is risky so you should only use it if you are confident in your ability to pull it off.


People enjoy roulette because it is exciting and mainly about luck. There is a wheel divided into black and red sections with numbers.

You bet on either red or black or a particular number before the wheel is spun and you win if the white ball lands on your colour or number. There are some roulette systems that can help you though:

  • Martingale strategy 

This widely used system involves raising the sum you gamble following each loss with the idea of eventually recouping it all when a win comes. It is most effective when making simple, even-money colour or number bets like Odd, Even, Black or White.

  • Fibonacci strategy

This is a less risky system that involves picking bets by adding up the numbers of your two previous gambles. It will bring losses, but the wins should still add up to more money.

Now you know what games the majority of people are playing at online casinos and some simple steps that can help you to win at them.