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The Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide: 12 Essentials to Look For

Having a laptop today is an absolute necessity. It is your daily tool that helps to handle most tasks. Whether at home or work, everything seems to be going through computers.
Problems appear when you have to buy one. It is very confusing because there are very many laptops available in the market. These tech devices have different features, which makes it even harder for you to decide.
However, you don’t have to worry again. This laptop buying guide will highlight some of the features you need to consider when buying a laptop for the first time.

1. Laptop Processor

The first and most crucial hardware component you should check is the laptop processor. The CPU is where your computer operates, which means it will determine how well your laptop operates.
There are different types of computer processors. Each processor has some different features and operational requirements. The two standard processors are Intel processors and AMD processors.
Is there a significant difference between the two types of processors? From experience, there is very little to no difference between the two. Use your laptop processor buying guide to compare them on size merits and choose the larger processor for an excellent operating speed. 

2. Laptop Operating System

A laptop operating system is something you cannot ignore. It’s the OS you choose that will guide you on what software you can run on your device.
Different computer manufacturers come with different operating systems. So, you should expect to come across Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Linux in the market. Each operating system has its strength and weaknesses.
Check out the best buy laptop guide and determine the operating system that meets your needs.

3. Laptop Battery 

A laptop battery has always been one of the essential components that people consider when buying a laptop. Different batteries last for different periods. That is why you need to consider a battery that can help you work without power for several hours.</p>
On average, a laptop battery should work for eight hours. Others can do more, especially when they are fully charged. However, any battery that serves less than eight hours is not good
Make use of a laptop battery buying guide so that you can know when to replace your battery. It should not be hard to replace a worn-out battery. This means that it should be readily available in the stores.

4. Random Access Memory (RAM)

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the computer storage that holds data while the processor works. Think of it as your work desk. It should be able to hold all the documents you’re working on.
If your RAM is not enough, it will be hard for your processor to process the data you will be feeding using the input devices. As such, you need to make sure that you have RAM that meets your functional needs.
Anything from 8GB and above is sufficient enough to handle most of the business operations. 

5. Storage Capacity

Every computer should have a storage area that stores processed data. This is your cabinet where all processed files are kept for future reference. Currently, hard drives are dominating the market.
Go for large SSDs. They are essential in moving data. A storage hard drive with more than 250 gigabytes will work seamlessly than the budget storage drives.
Remember, the size of your hard drive highly influences the speed of your laptop. A smaller hard drive means that your computer will operate slowly. Consider using business laptops that you can easily upgrade their hard drives or use external storage areas. 

6. Good Screen Resolution

There are many individuals who think that screen resolution is not important. However, if you have eye problems, you already know why you cannot ignore this. A good computer resolution determines how comfortable you will be working with the device.

Today, people spend more than eight hours behind their computers. As such, the resolution must be very good to keep you glued for such a lengthy period. A low resolution will lead to wet eyes or blurred vision.
The good thing is that computer resolution can be adjusted. Work with a computer that allows you to adjust your resolution to comfortable levels. 

7. Computer Cooling Fans

Your computer is a machine. It processes a lot of information at very high speeds. As such, it needs to have reliable cooling fans to cool the heating parts.
It is not uncommon to see computers overheating. The amount of work the laptop is handling at any given time can increase the rate of heating. Others can heat depending on where they have been placed.
Learn the basics of using your computer to avoid overheating. For example, placing your laptop on your bed can increase overheating because openings that allow free flow of air are usually blocked by bedding.
Nevertheless, a good computer should have reliable fans. They should provide sufficient cooling to avoid possible computer damages due to overheating. 

8. Laptop Models

The model of the computer you should consider should rank very high on your list. As the trends have shown, different models have different benefits. These models depend on the manufacturer.
Lenovo, Toshiba, MacBook, and Samsung are some of the standard computer models you will find on the shelves. Having some basic understanding of each model will help you in the decision-making process.
Apple laptops are currently seen as the premium laptops in the market because of their many interesting features. Make maximum use of your Apple laptop buying guide to select a device that will help you handle your needs efficiently.

9. Internet Access

Any person who has not used laptops for many years might wonder whether there are laptops that do not connect to the internet. Although they are very hard to come across, they are still available in the market.
Without access to the internet through your laptop, it is obvious that you will be missing many benefits. This is something that you need to insist on having. It a basic feature that you can’t operate without.
Everything to do with access to the internet should be seamless. It should have ports that can allow tethered internet. Also, make sure your laptop can access wireless internet connections. 

10. Comfortable Keyboard

One of the most important input devices is the computer keyboard. Not every computer has a comfortable keyboard. There are many of them with very long keypads, which are not comfortable to use.
However, some models have very small keypads that are comfortable to handle. The responsive nature of the keyboard should be analyzed. It should not take time before the input characters can appear on the screen.
The keyboard you will be choosing depends on the use of your laptop. If you spend much of your time typing, you need short and responsive keypads. They will help you in typing quickly and avoiding possible fatigue. 

11. The Cost of the Laptop

Laptops retail at different prices. As such, you need to check the cost that corresponds to your budget. With as little as $200, you can get a good laptop from the nearest online store.
However, the price of the laptop depends on the quality and features available. Budget laptops have low-quality features. However, anything above $600 has some of the best features you can ever consider in a laptop.
As such, don’t only pay attention to your budget. It is good to look for what you want in your new laptop. The features you are looking for should determine the amount you will be spending.
For example, a laptop with parental controls will cost more. If you’re looking for a gaming laptop, you should prepare to dig more into your pockets. 

12. Laptop Durability

Obviously, you’re not in the business of buying laptops after every few months. You need a device that will serve you for several years. On average, your laptop should serve you for three years.
The durability of a laptop is dependent on hardware components. The stronger the hardware, the longer your laptop will serve you. To get a durable laptop, you need to squeeze some additional dollars from your pocket.
However, how you handle your laptop determines its durability. A good laptop with the best hardware components can last for less than a year due to poor handling. </p>
Always Use a Laptop Buying Guide
You might be tempted to physically analyze the laptops in the stores without a laptop buying guide. There is no doubt you will get a computer that may meet your specific needs. However, a guide will help you address everything you need to consider when buying such devices.

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