Things We Hope Are Removed From the Next Fifa 

When FIFA 22 first arrived on the scene, players noticed a lot of changes had been made to the overall design of the game, gameplay, and special features. This was rare for the franchise because EA has been heavily criticized in the past for copying previous versions of the game year after year. With FIFA 23 just around the corner, we will break down what we would like to see removed from the 22 version to help make 23 one of the all-time greats. 

In fairness to FIFA 22, the game came with many ways of playing, including FIFA Ultimate Team, career mode, pro clubs, and seasons.

Games that have multiple game modes that are not always one-dimensional are always put in higher regard from where we’re standing. Offering users a versatile set of games to play creates far more enjoyment for players. This can be seen at Buzz Bingo, for example, where there’s an array of alternative football-related games like Football Roulette, which differentiate from other standard slot games if you fancy changing it up. This demonstrates how football is so popular across many entertainment mediums, stressing the importance of FIFA needing to be as good as possible because it acts as the sport’s representative within the gaming community. 

A lot of FIFA players automatically dismiss anything that isn’t Ultimate Team, even though the best parts of the game lie elsewhere. In FIFA 23 we are expected to see a version of the Qatar World Cup which has got all FIFA fans excited. 

Disappointing Career Mode 

When EA announced players could create their very own team from scratch on career mode, almost everyone was excited to try this out. However, it really was a facade because the finer details were pretty much identical to previous career modes, meaning you had to start with an existing team that could be customized to an extent. You could only really change the crest, kit, and stadium, which was seen as underwhelming.

The next FIFA needs to address this issue by revamping and creating your own club on career mode. A great addition would be not starting off with the exact players that are already assigned to the club. This will help boost the originality of individual players’ teams. 

Excessive Amount of Over-Powered Players 

This problem can be seen in FUT and it is worse than it ever has been. Accessing cards with stats in the 90s in all departments has never been easier, and it is rapidly ruining the essence of the game. Cards that have pace ratings that aren’t in the 90s become almost unusable, making a select few players in the game so common amongst all teams. With everyone having the same players, it makes the game unbelievably boring by eliminating any sense of originality to teams. 

What we hope to see in FIFA 23 is EA cutting down on dishing out these ridiculously overpowered cards that are easy to acquire. Make earning the best players for teams exciting again, not a formality as it has become in FIFA 22. Check out the new changes FIFA 23 is planning on bringing in.

Bring Back AI Fouls and Mistakes

Almost all players noticed that when playing against the computer, the AI is flawless in the sense of never committing any fouls. This doesn’t just limit the realistic nature of the game, but it also disables players from trying out free kicks and penalties, which are a huge part of the game.

FIFA may argue that the lack of free kicks and penalties helps with the game’s fluidity. However, we are sure all players would prefer a more realistic version of the game.