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Things You Should Know About Bitcoin as A Newbie

Bitcoin has been the most exciting part of the world of Cryptocurrencies in today’s world. The concept of virtual currency might not be entirely clear to you now. But with time and the proper knowledge, you would not be staying a newbie anymore. If you seek information on Bitcoin and its other basics, this page is meant for you!

What Is Bitcoin?

Several people give different definitions of Bitcoin. But what are these exactly? Well, bitcoin is an integral part of cryptocurrency, which acts as a digital asset to the people who own it. It is a computational program protected by cryptocurrency and has substantial digital value in the virtual and real worlds. When you invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, your identity will stay hidden from the world, which would automatically protect you from brokers and intermediaries at ease!

How Did Bitcoin Come Into Existence?

Bitcoins came into existence not in 2009 as most people think. There was this cyber group named Cypherpunk in the 90s, which used to work for discovering more programs on the security models for protecting finances and communications with the help of cryptography when they mistakenly made one bitcoin. The company could not launch it back then because of individual advantages, empowerment, and distrust. But finally, after so many years, Satoshi Nakamoto decided to launch bitcoin in 2009 to bring more virtual assets into the world in a limited amount. 

You must be aware of the transfer of cash and other physical assets from one peer to another. But it is not quite usual with virtual assets like various cryptocurrencies. Unlike other cryptos, bitcoin is the only virtual asset that allows a direct facility of peer-to-peer transfer without any intervention from any major party. Though the concept of Bitcoin might seem to be relatively easy and with a limited amount of information, the truth is, the more you dive into bitcoins, the deeper it will get. If you want to know more about bitcoins, keep an eye on the following guide to learn more!

Factors To Need to Know About Bitcoins

The field of cryptocurrency is vast and full of knowledge. If you want to dig deep to the roots of Bitcoin, then here are a few factors that might enlighten you:

  • Value:

You often want to invest in some field that would give you a good return, like stocks. But now you have a better option and alternative to stocks that will provide you with a better and more fruitful return. It is none other than bitcoin. When bitcoin came into existence, its value was $150 in 2019. But as time passed, people started investing more in cryptocurrency, which has led to a rise in value. $62000 is the present value of Bitcoin. Now you can imagine the profit the investors have earned to date! 

  • Bright Future:

Previously when bitcoin got launched, nobody was even ready to invest or believe in the concept of cryptocurrency. They chose to believe in physical assets rather than the safer ones. Eventually, people became aware of the safety and security that bitcoin crypto provides to investors. The anonymity and blockchain protocol assured everyone that their investment would not go in vain, rather would bear the sweetest of fruits to date! Many people believe in bitcoins and invest in them rather than other funds or stocks. Still, they will realize soon, and a few years later, bitcoin will become the global currency of the future!

  • Limitations:

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and is very different from other currencies like physical cash. The parties in power, the government in various countries can easily print more and more money with time. So the physical assets would be available in huge numbers anyway. But when it comes to cryptos like bitcoins, they are only available in a limited number, 21 million. You cannot use all of the 21 million at once; you would have to solve computational algorithms and mine bitcoins, for which you get rewards in the form of Bitcoins!


Besides the above facts, you should also know that Bitcoins can be bought and sold from various crypto exchange platforms. You can even transfer from peer-to-peer for convenience; apps like the Bitcoin Era play a significant role in such transactions. After getting the basic info on Bitcoins, it has become apparent that you can have a proper investment only in bitcoins which would bear your ripe fruits in the best form!