TOP 6 Minecraft 1.14.4 Seeds – Java Edition

Minecraft Seeds are a long series of numbers (or words) that you can input before starting a new world to change where you spawn and what’s around you.

They can breed it on new ground or right in the middle of some of the rarest structures in the game.

We’re sitting on Minecraft 1.14.4 when it comes to Java Edition.

There won’t be a 1.14.5. Instead, we’ll be moving straight into Minecraft 1.15, which will offer many new features, with the main one being the introduction of bees.

However, we will continue to collect seed lists like this, showing some of the best seeds for Minecraft 1.14.4. All these seeds were tested in the latest version, and the screenshots were taken with shaders.

The list below is not in any particular order. For more Minecraft content, including seeds and the best lists, visit our dedicated area here!

The following seed selection is just a tiny sample of the countless worlds that the game can create in Minecraft for Xbox One. With more than 380 billion unique and different worlds, the possibilities are endless.


Seed: 7275521772019857129 (-1200, -700)

Now, this Minecraft seed is exciting. In the world, you will find an island of fungi that have been generated right in the middle of a jungle biome. Finding a generation of land like this is incredibly rare; we’ve never seen anything like it. It is an excellent location to set up a camp or build atop the surrounding trees with the infinite amount of wood you will have. Unfortunately, this location is not right next to the spawn but a short walk.


Seed: 79687 (230, 270)

Next, this seed is an excellent location for your Minecraft base. Go to the previous coordinates when you generate and find the location above. Hidden in the dense jungle is a village, so it is a great place to eat, shelter, and shop. However, there is a Temple of the Jungle on one of the roads, which are rare spawns. Having them breed so close is quite rare. You can explore the temple for loot; be careful with the arrow traps.


Seed: 8710686720635024821 (-180, -160)

When you use the seed above, you will not generate far from the previous ground; it should be visible from the point of generation. These huge mountains of stone rise to the sky and have snow-covered tops. Lava waterfalls come from many of these mountains, making them look great. If you want to establish a base as an evil den, or one that stands on the side of a hill, this seed is a great option.


Seed: 2823308131507773797 (1145, -875)

Strongholds are prominent structures in Minecraft which contain portals that take you to the End. They’re usually really hard to find and require a lot of traveling by foot, digging, and Ender Eye. However, use the seed and coordinates above to find a Stronghold visible from the surface. Just look down into the cavern for the Stone Bricks and make your way inside.


Seed: -719325015 (130, 95)

This large desert village is located not far from the point of generation in this Minecraft Seed. There are many buildings, especially those containing chests and loot. However, as you can see in the screenshot above, there is also a large Desert Temple on the edge of the village, which always offers the best loot, with four chests. Just be careful with the pressure plate at the bottom that will activate TNT (which you should also try to collect).


Seeds: -6183068961479409378

Our final seed will generate you at the edge of a Badlands biome, formerly known as Mesa. These hostile and warm environments do not adapt to life since the terrain consists of nine wells, dead bushes, and cacti. However, this seed is a little different; as you breed, you look around, and you will see many Icebergs right next to the biome, giving it a feeling of “ice and fire.”