Top 6 online igames with sci-fi theme

The science-fiction genre such that it is based around concepts which are aren’t necessarily fact-based or what’s currently on offer in the present day world, and is instead focused on imaginative or futuristic scientific and tech innovations.

Furthermore, sci-fi has several sub genres including everything ranging from space to cyberpunk, and when the genre is applied to the domain of online slot machines, that’s exactly when the actual fun starts! Are you a fan of sci-fi too and also love gambling every now and then? If yes, here is a list of some of the best online games that are themed around science-fiction.

Terminator 2

In this sci-fi thriller online slot game which is inspired from Terminator 2, the movie, you get to jump alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, the world-famous action hero. The game features multiple bonus rounds as well as free spin multipliers!

Star Dust

A space-based online slot game, Star Dust features 40 pay lines and 5 reels. It’s a retro-feel title which delivers the right mix of conventional themes, accompanied by a galactic twist. You can instantly recognise the playing card symbols as well as the colourful jewels. A beautifully drawn spiral galaxy functions as the game’s centrepiece.

Robot Butler

Ever dreamt about a personal robot Butler?! Although becoming an owner of a robot which can do any task for you, right from making your bed to mixing drinks, might still be a little far-fetched, online slot players can join in the excitement and fun associated with such possibility, by playing this online slot game. Some of its popular features include free spins, scatter symbols and extra gambling features.

Space Enigma

It’s a space exploration themed online game that offers plenty in terms of cool animations, gameplay and various designer touches, which ensure that it stays a cut above other similar slots in the marketplace. It’s inspired by a regular gemstone kind of game that can be seen all over, however, the designers have placed the slot action in the outer space area, instead of some pirate’s chest or some dusty old mine. You can discover what Space Enigma has to offer by following the link.

BattleStar Galactica

Derived from the popular SyFy series of the same name, this online game transports you to a space and time wherein humans are engaged in a battle to save themselves from extinction. You get to witness themes and characters from the series, through this gripping online slot game.

The Great Galaxy Grab

It’s a 20 pay line and 5 reels online game which takes you on an exciting galaxy ride which you are guaranteed to remember for quite some time! The sound features and graphics in this sci-fi themed online are simply exceptional, ensuring that it proves to be a big hit amongst slot players who are far discerning compared to the regular kinds.