Top 7 Tips To Help You Win Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most thrilling and satisfying gaming experiences there can be. It is the small moments that make the game super fun to play. Making efficient callouts, beating the enemy, and traveling through a noxious gas gives the player a huge adrenaline rush. It is safe to say that playing Warzone is an unparalleled experience. 

Here are the top 7 tips to help you win the battle

1. Crouch intentionally

A simple tip  to be better at WarZone is to crouch. It is an easy tip that can help you win a lot of gunfights and make more kills, especially at medium to long ranges. Doing so at the right time is crucial. Don’t crouch when you are getting attacked. 

But, it is good to crouch when you are about to start a gunfight. It works well with higher recoil weapons. This will give you the ability to defend yourself from the onslaught. 

2. Keep your sound up

This helps you sense where the enemies are coming from. Sound cues will help you save yourself and your teammates. Things to look out for are breaking glass, footsteps, opening doors, and many more. 

Using a headset can be a great way to pick up on the small sound cues and become better at your game. If you do not have one, investing in a good headset could be worth your money. 

3. Be mindful of your positioning

A good player knows how to position himself well. Positioning yourself strategically before and during a gunfight is crucial. Attack the enemy from the side. Another good tip is to maintain a higher ground before starting a gunfight. 

Having proper map knowledge can save you when stuck in a compromising position. Knowing the map well makes you more efficient. Remember to reposition yourself frequently to confuse the enemy. 

4. Get better at teamwork

Work with your team. Looking out for your teammates is always a good idea. It can be helpful to ping your teammates about enemies and their location. Even if you are down, you can help your teammates. Working alongside your team is beneficial as you win collectively. It is hard to do so when playing with random players, but it is worthwhile. 

5. Increase your speed

Increasing your speed while playing can help a lot. Whatever you are doing, just make sure to do it faster. Complete a task and reposition as quickly as you can. An example is if you are grabbing ammo, pick it up and run away from there. Standing around and looking will only increase your chances of getting killed. 

Speeding up all your tasks and getting more decisive will raise your chances of coming out on top. Being hesitant and doubtful will make you lose out on precious time. It is paramount to build momentum and go towards victory. If you are stuck with no time, a secret tip is to use call of duty: warzone hacks.

6. Use your money well

Carrying around cash is not going to help you or your teammates. If you have cash, try to get UAVs. Do this before the first load out. Buy your teammates anything they require. It is important to remember that working as a team is what makes the chances of winning higher. Keeping your money and not helping your teammates is not going to help anyone. 

When you are at a buy-station, buy whatever you need quickly and leave. Staying around for no reason and just roaming around is going to get you killed. You have to be quick, and the buyouts are particularly busy. Rather than thinking of how much money to drop, drop all your cash. Trust that your team will have the good judgment to buy what they need. 

If you are the one who finds the cash, don’t be selfish. Try to serve your team’s interests. 

7. Taking the long route through the gas

In the few final zones, there are barely any options. Here, it can be beneficial to move through the gas. This is dangerous, but it can help you to get many more wins. People usually avoid gas because it can kill you fast. Don’t be scared of the gas; instead, use it to your advantage. Use your whole gas mask and reposition yourself in the gas. 

A standard gas mask gives you 15 seconds. You can upgrade to 30 seconds if you like. This is enough time for a surprise attack. Position yourself well and attack. Going in the gas will hide your exact position from the enemy. Not knowing gives you a huge advantage. You can position yourself accordingly and take the enemy out.  


You do not always have to be aggressive and do something throughout the game. It can be helpful to wait and see the game unravel in front of you. While you pause, you can think of your next step. Observing can help you to take advantage of the situation that is going on in front of you. 

For example, if several squads surround you, it can be a great decision to pause at a strong position. From a strong position, you can target random enemies. In such a situation, there will be players who run off aimlessly. You can stay in one place and get a lot of kills. This saves you and increases your points.