Top Video Game Marketing Strategies

Video games are getting popular these days among kids and teenagers. Even adults love playing video games. Thanks to the advent of internet-based communication, playing online games has become convenient and well-accessible for everyone. By producing various online games, developers can earn fat revenues. For the success of your online game, you need to have two things. The first thing is an exciting game. It must have exciting and unique gameplay features and modes. Nevertheless, the graphics should be attractive. The second thing is to promote the game meticulously. For the promotion of video games, you can try the following tactics.

1. Website for the Game

To promote a video game, the website should be a platform that you must use. Having a website will enhance your game’s online presence. People will come to know about the game easily. Having a website is also a sign of trust. Gamers can visit the website to find all the information that they need. They do not have to depend on hearsay. They can check the game website to get the latest updates, news, and other details about your game. So, the first step to promoting your video game is to have a professional and powerful website for the game.

2. Social Media Presence

Like the website, you need social media pages for the game. Social media is crucial nowadays, as people love interacting with others on social media. Many businesses work on their brand values through social media marketing. Your video game needs to develop its brand value. You need social media to promote the game. Another important thing is that social media is the most popular among young people and teenagers. They are the target audiences for most of the video games. Hence, social media marketing will fetch excellent exposure for your game.

For social media marketing, you can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When you have made quite a good number of fans or followers on these platforms, you can further use LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. The aim should be reaching more people through various social media platforms. Eventually, it will fetch more buyers or potential gamers for your video games.

3. Blogging for Video Game Promotion

To promote a video game, blogging can be used as a promotional tool. An official gaming blog is crucial for video game producers. Through the blog, you can share important information with the gamers. Various gaming updates and patches can be announced through the blog. However, be sure to use this tool or something like that to check your content before its publishing. People will not be interested in reading the same information that can be found in many other sources, they like unique news. A new version of the existing game can also be announced via the official blog. A blog can also be used for educating people about various gaming features and options. Gamers would find such information worthy of sharpening their gaming skills. So, you need to invest time to create an official gaming blog. At the same time, you need to put informative content on the blog for video game marketing. Through blogs, you should share videos, infographics, and text content. You can use an image to video conversion tool to create informative videos for video marketing.

4. Presence on Different Application Stores

Your game gets more exposure when it is present in different application stores. So, having the game application available on Apple Store and Google Play Store is not just enough. You need to make the game available in other application stores. Moreover, there should be an APK version of the game. Many people prefer downloading the APK version for playing online games on their smartphones. Your gaming application should be included in the popular application stores like Xiaomi, Baidu, Amazon, App Brain, Mobile 9, etc. 

5. Paid Marketing on Facebook and Instagram

Today, social media platforms offer you a paid marketing service. You need to choose a payment package to attain exposure for your business. Your video game can get more exposure through paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. The official social media pages of your game will get more followers. If you can create engaging posts every day along with paid advertising, you shall find that number of fans or followers is increasing rapidly. This is a perfect way to promote a game through social media with a little investment.

6. Free Trial Version of the Game

If you offer premium games to the users, you need to have a free trial version of your game. The trial version is important to give a look and feel of the game to the potential gamers. Through the trial version, people will understand game features and graphics. If your game is really good, people would not mind upgrading their subscription from trial to premium version for the game. The trial version typically comes with locked features. However, locking too many features would not make your users satisfied. You shall end up creating more hesitant users through those locked features. You need to allow people to get a genuine feel of the game.

7. Ask Users to Share Reviews

You need to encourage the users to share reviews on your game on different platforms. From application stores to Google reviews, there must be ample reviews from the gamers. All reviews would not be positive, as many people would complain about technical glitches in the review section. You need to resolve the issues for the gamers and ask them to rethink the rating for your game. Another good way of encouraging people to write reviews is by offering them freebies. Give them virtual coins or bonus points, when they write reviews. You can feature the reviews on your social media profiles.

8. Videos for Game Marketing

For promoting your game, you can use video marketing. This is another great way of making a game successful by reaching out to more users. For video marketing, you should know the art of creating top-notch videos. You can use professional and reliable free video editing software. Videos can be posted on the official blog, social media profiles, and YouTube. You can ask gamers to share their gaming video snap on social media and YouTube.