A new extreme sports mobile game called Trail Boss is now available for both iOS and Android.Trail Boss is a tough bike game where players have to get over jumps that get harder and harder, do crazy tricks, and finish evil challenges. Trail Boss is based on real events and has big jumps, tricky turns, and real tricks, along with a fun feeling of speed.

The people who made Pumped BMX make a lot of different kinds of wild sports simulators for smartphones. Trail Boss is a challenging riding game that Yeah Us created! that puts the player on the same level as the biker.

Trail Boss BMX: Official iOS / Android Trailer


Trail Boss Game Feature:

Trail Boss is an exciting 3D BMX biking game where players have to ride through difficult terrain and do tricks that defy gravity. It takes place in a lot of beautiful places, from rolling hills to cities. Both BMX fans and casual gamers will enjoy the immersive and adrenaline-pumping experience.

Key Features:

Intricate Trail Design: Ride through trails that were carefully designed with jumps, berms, drops, and other technical obstacles that require skill and precision to master.

Easy-to-Use Bike Controls: Learn how to ride a BMX bike with controls that are easy to use and let you do smooth moves, spins, and exciting combos.

Different Stunt System: To impress people and get extra points, do a bunch of tricks that defy gravity, like backflips, tailwhips, manuals, and grinds.

Customization options that can be unlocked: Paint your bike in different ways and choose from different frame styles to make it your own and stand out from the others.

Multiple Game Modes: Time Attack, Trick Challenges, and Score Battles are just a few of the different game modes you can play to challenge yourself.

Career Progression: Earn upgrades, unlock new bikes, and find your way to harder levels as you move through a rewarding career mode.

Enjoyable Physics: Feel realistic physics that accurately simulate your bike’s weight and speed, giving every move more depth and difficulty.

Beautiful Visuals: Get lost in beautiful 3D worlds filled with bright colors and small details that bring the BMX biking world to life.

Some extra features are:

Ghost Replay System: Watching replays of your runs will help you figure out how you did and where you can improve.

Online Leaderboards: Show off your BMX skills by competing with people from all over the world and moving up the leaderboards.

Regular Content Updates: New levels, challenges, and ways to customize the game are added regularly as content updates.

For BMX fans and casual gamers looking for an exciting experience, Trail Boss is a must-play. It combines challenging gameplay with beautiful graphics and a lively world to explore.

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Size of the game on iOS: 723.8 MB

Rating for Age: Rated 4+

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