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Ultimate Tips and Techniques for Shooting Underwater in Warzone 2

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 takes the intense warfare to a whole new level, introducing underwater combat scenarios that challenge even the most seasoned players. As a brave soldier diving into this underwater battleground, you’ll need to adapt your shooting techniques to ensure survival and success. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the strategies, tips, and techniques to become a true underwater marksman, standing out amidst the fierce competition.

Understanding the Basics of Underwater Combat

Before diving into the depths, it’s essential to understand the dynamics of shooting underwater. The laws of physics drastically affect bullet trajectory, speed, and damage underwater compared to land-based warfare. Understanding these factors will be the foundation for excelling in this unique combat environment.

Selecting the Right Loadout

Crafting the perfect loadout is crucial for underwater success. Opt for weapons with higher damage rates, as they tend to perform better underwater. Consider using SMGs, assault rifles, or even shotguns, which can deliver significant firepower in close-quarters underwater battles.

Mastering Shot Placement

Underwater, accuracy becomes even more critical. Aim for the upper body and head of your opponents to maximize damage, as bullets tend to lose velocity and effectiveness quickly in water. Headshots, in particular, can make a massive difference in determining the outcome of a firefight.

Managing Recoil and Spread

Combat underwater introduces increased weapon recoil and bullet spread. Practice controlling your weapon’s recoil to maintain accuracy during engagements. Burst firing or tapping the trigger can be effective in keeping shots on target.

Utilizing Underwater Visibility

Visibility is limited underwater, so you must adapt your tactics accordingly. Use the environment to your advantage by staying close to structures, vegetation, or rocks. This tactic will allow you to surprise enemies and avoid being an easy target.

Breathing Techniques

Underwater breathing mechanics can influence your shooting performance. Learn to manage your breath while aiming and shooting to avoid interruptions in your shots. It’s also beneficial to take short breaths when necessary, as surfacing can expose you to enemy fire.

Coordinating with Teammates

In Warzone 2, teamwork is paramount. Communicate with your teammates effectively, especially when coordinating underwater attacks. Use in-game voice chat or external communication platforms to ensure seamless coordination and gain a strategic advantage over your foes.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like any other aspect of Warzone 2, mastering underwater shooting requires practice. Regularly dive into underwater zones during matches to hone your skills and become comfortable with the nuances of this unique gameplay mechanic.

Specialized Underwater Weapons and Attachments

In Warzone 2, developers may introduce specific underwater weapons or attachments designed to improve shooting efficiency underwater. Explore any unique weaponry and attachments available, and provide insights into their advantages and limitations.

Best Perks and Loadout Combinations for Underwater Play

Analyze various perks and loadout combinations that offer a competitive edge in underwater scenarios. Highlight perks that enhance weapon handling, reduce recoil, or improve breath-holding capabilities for underwater engagements.

Submarine Warfare: Utilizing Underwater Vehicles

Discuss the potential for underwater vehicle combat in Warzone 2, including submarines or underwater drones. Explore tactics for engaging enemy vessels and strategies for using these vehicles to your advantage.

Underwater Cover and Concealment

Identify the best types of underwater cover and concealment, such as coral reefs or sunken structures, and explain how to use them strategically to protect yourself while planning ambushes.

Managing Underwater Hazards

Apart from enemy combatants, underwater environments might pose additional hazards, such as dangerous marine life or underwater traps. Share insights on how to navigate these hazards without compromising your mission.

Stealth and Ambush Tactics

Underwater combat provides unique opportunities for stealth and ambush tactics. Discuss how to exploit the element of surprise and execute successful underwater ambushes on unsuspecting foes.

Emphasizing Team Roles

In a team-based game like Warzone 2, each member plays a vital role. Elaborate on the importance of diversifying roles within the team, such as designated marksmen or close-combat specialists, to create a well-balanced underwater strike force.


Becoming an expert at shooting underwater in Warzone 2 is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. By understanding the intricacies of underwater combat, selecting the right loadout, mastering shot placement, and coordinating with your team, you can excel in this dynamic battlefield. 

Remember, practice, patience, and perseverance are key to achieving dominance in this watery domain. So, equip yourself with knowledge, dive into the action, and emerge victorious as an underwater marksman like no other.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that readers might have about the article 

Why is shooting underwater different from shooting on land in Warzone 2?

Shooting underwater is different due to the impact of hydrodynamics, which affects bullet trajectory, speed, and damage. Understanding these factors is crucial for successful underwater combat.

Which weapons are best suited for underwater shooting in Warzone 2? 

Weapons with higher damage rates, like SMGs, assault rifles, and shotguns, tend to perform better underwater. These are popular choices for players engaging in underwater combat.

How can I manage weapon recoil and bullet spread underwater? 

To manage recoil, practice burst firing or tapping the trigger. Controlling your weapon’s recoil will help you maintain accuracy during underwater engagements.

What are some effective strategies for utilizing underwater visibility to my advantage?

 Stay close to structures, vegetation, or rocks to surprise enemies and avoid becoming an easy target. Using the environment strategically can provide a tactical advantage.