Valorant Meta Agents in 2023

It’s been a few weeks since Riot Games dropped Episode 6 act 1 of their internationally acclaimed tactical FPS, VALORANT. During that short duration, players have discovered the best and worst meta agents in the game. 

As the current meta has revealed, Valorant’s developers have done their best to boost the game’s balance. And although the recent patch hasn’t quite reached the perfectly-ideal state yet, the game is gradually doing away with extremely overpowered agents and side-favoring maps. Indeed, most gamers agree that the current meta is the most enjoyable to play since the game’s 2020 release.

Choice of Meta Agent Depends on the Map

As is the case with most extensive updates, Episode 6 significantly altered the characteristics of Valorant agents. Consequently, the game’s agent composition metas had to change to keep everything poised.

Unfortunately, however, Valorant has quite a collection of agents to choose from. Thus, it’s not always easy to vary your agent meta from map to map. Nevertheless, an agent might give you an edge on one map but not be the best pick for another map. For instance, some maps are better for Jett than Raze. 

It’s no wonder, therefore, that pro teams often have different agent compositions on different maps. On Breeze, for example, where there are many corners to cover, many teams agree that Viper’s signature toxic screen will be invaluable. 

Agent Metas on Different Maps

A game’s meta develops over hundreds of games played professionally, as well as in armature levels. The result is a largely harmonious playing style with the highest success probabilities. Therefore, the following agent composition metas are recommended on the various maps on Valorant.

  • Ascent: Kay/O, Sova, Astra, Jett, Killjoy
  • Bind: Skye, Raze, Viper, Sova, Astra
  • Breeze: Kay/O, Jett, Viper, Chamber, Sova
  • Fracture: Chamber, Astra, Breach, Raze, Viper
  • Haven: Skye, Astra, Sova, Jett, Killjoy
  • Icebox: Reyna, Chamber, Jett, Killjoy, Sage, Sova, Viper
  • Lotus: Killjoy, Neon, Chamber, Kay/O, Astra
  • Split: Chamber, Raze, Astra, Skye, Viper

Our list might be a little subjective. But, based on a player’s ability to use the different agents, the metas above have quite a decent chance of success. 

Top Meta Agents in Valorant


Currently, this German hacker agent is part of almost every team’s defensive lineup, especially in professional Valorant matches. The drastic increase in the preference for Killjoy and her incorporation into most strategies and gameplays have made her the top meta agent in Valorant. 

Killjoy is quite versatile and has immense map compatibility. Her kit is so well-rounded that she easily adapts to diverse situations throughout the game. Notably, her Nanoswarm is incredibly useful for flushing out and blinding enemies. Her lockdown, on the other hand, immobilizes the enemies and creates an impenetrable field. Her abilities not only disrupt enemy progress, but can also secure kills, control the battlefield, and give her team a better chance to triumph. 

Essentially, killjoy’s well-rounded abilities, extensive map compatibility, and extremely versatile kit make her one of the top picks for Valorant meta. 


Viper is one of those meta picks that seem to only get better with time. She executes her smoke role perfectly and her wall extends to multiple sites. That, and her impressively strong ultimate, make Viper a must-pick meta agent today. 

When we first began playing Valorant in 2020, most players agree that Viper was actually one of the worst agents. Two years down the line, and following the introduction of Harbor, Viper has become quite the versatile agent.  Her Toxic screen, poison cloud, and snake bite are quite useful both in defense and offense. 

Viper is, nonetheless, quite difficult to master. She also needs excellent support to make her abilities more effective.  


Although there’s particularly nothing extraordinary about KAY/O, he is one of the most dependable and solid operators in Valorant. His Frag/Ment, Zero/Point, and Flash/Drive abilities give him a well-rounded loadout, which comes in handy in a wide array of scenarios. 

Pair Kay/O with an agent with a bit more utility and they will easily take out enemies without breaking a sweat. Conversely, your opponents will have a hard time dealing with Kay/O especially now that his ability is buffed to continue pulsing after downing an enemy. 


After the recent update, none of the Agents in Valorant is too overpowered. Additionally, every agent utility has a counterplay. 

Therefore, since Valorant is ability-based, choosing the best agents for your meta will be the first step toward taking charge and dominating the game.