Vintage Games Are Once Again Re-surging – Picking The Cream Of The Crop

Retro and vintage gaming has always been a favourite of the gamer scene, but new popularity beckons. As USA Today highlights, retro gaming is once again seeing a resurgence in popularity through a range of third-party gaming devices such as the Arcade1Up. For those looking to get into the scene, there’s a dizzying array of content available. Looking at the titles enjoying new popularity is a good way to get an idea of the best options.

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is a fantasy tactical franchise dating all the way back to 1990. The online fan community for the series is huge, and continues to pump out new content and builds to try with the game to this day. The irreverent art style of the game and clever combat always marked it out as a fan favorite, and this has been rewarded by new development. Three Houses, 2019, has been the most recent edition, but according to EuroGamer a new title could be seen in October – bringing a new generation of fans into the retro classic.

Pokemon mania

Through its trading card game, collectables, TV shows and films, Pokemon has never really left the public consciousness. It’s important to remember that Pokemon is a vintage classic, as Wired highlights – and its original versions, Red, Blue and Yellow – remain in the eyes of many fans the definitive games. With devices cheap and easy to obtain, and plenty of content online, it’s an iconic series to get into via the original version.

Donkey Kong

One of the original and most iconic video games of all, Donkey Kong has seen a resurgence in popularity through its release on the Nintendo Switch Online service. The launch of game streaming services such as the Xbox Pass, EA Origin and Nintendo Switch Online has been hugely influential in the gaming scene, and has enabled gamers to access decades of incredible content. Donkey Kong has become as much of a cultural icon as it has a popular game, but that’s to be treasured – the original game is a classic for a reason.

Vintage gaming is back. The routes to experiencing it are becoming more diverse every month as are the offerings available. Get stuck in, enjoy the scene, and immerse yourself in the culture that was so transformative forty years ago.