Wading into IT? Take into Account This Ever-Popular Cisco CCNA Certification

If you aren’t related to the IT industry yet but would love to be in the near future, have you considered different ways for entering such a highly competitive field with ease? Well, irrespective of the answer, we can assure you that one of the proven methods to launch an IT career smoothly is to get certified by a renowned tech organization. And with a number of several respectable companies that have recently become buzzwords in information technologies, Cisco definitely holds the first place. Offering networking hardware and software to customers worldwide, this conglomerate doesn’t miss out on the opportunity to educate the interested in their technologies candidates by granting them IT certifications so that they could deliver high-end and top-notch solutions. But what Cisco certification to pursue if you’re just starting out? The answer to this question and much more is what goes next!

Cisco CCNA Certification

The CCNA certification is chosen by many candidates as the perfect career springboard as it infuses in them all the pertinent content relating to fundamental networking technologies as well as software development. In order to obtain a designation like this, it’s obligatory that you excel in the related 200-301 CCNA exam that checks your knowledge of network basics, networking access, IP connectivity, security fundamentals, IP services, and automation alongside programmability. As to the particulars of the actual 200-301 test, be prepared to challenge the 120-minute evaluation that is carried out in English and Japanese and costs $300. We recommend, if you target to nail this exam on the first try, attending the official Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA) v1.0 training, and next, let’s break down the essential information with regards to the career opportunities that this certificate can bring to those wading into the IT scope.

What Jobs and Income Can CCNA Guarantee?

In a nutshell, getting Cisco CCNA certified opens a wide range of jobs that you can opt for to showcase your IT skillset in the current technology trends. Thus, according to Payscale, this designation equips you with the necessary cognizance to become a competent network engineer, network administrator, systems administrator, systems engineer, IT manager, and so on. Regarding the annual pay, the corresponding figures are also impressive! So, the same provider, Payscale.com, claims that a certified network engineer can ask for an annual salary of $75k on average while his/her counterpart, network administrator, is eligible for only $60k per annum. Next, the remuneration that a systems administrator can expect as a median salary is $63k per year, and systems engineers, in their turn, are to receive almost $75k yearly. Finally, as to the financial incentives of an IT manager with the Cisco CCNA certification, Payscale renders that this figure can increase up to $89k annually. Definitely worth the shot, right?

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Don’t fret anymore and start making your own future! Change careers with the help of the Cisco CCNA designation and see how your professional life is on the rise. Not only will this certificate impart the best-of-breed IT knowledge into the candidates but will also give them the chance to select the job role of their taste and acumen that is also secure and well-paid.