What Are Some Fun Ways to Entertain Yourself on a MacBook

It is no secret that most people buy MacBooks for work because these computers are quite reliable, sleek, and portable, thanks to how little they weigh. 

On the other hand, you do not have to limit yourself to just working on a MacBook. It is a computer and could be a great source of entertainment. 

If you have not had an opportunity to explore some options to have fun on your Mac, look no further than this article. The list of suggestions below should be more than enough to help you forget about work woes and use a MacBook differently from what you have been doing until now.

Socialize With Others

Since there is an ongoing pandemic, one may not have as many opportunities to socialize with others. Luckily, there are ways to keep in touch with friends and family even if you cannot meet them in person. 

First of all, there are software like Zoom and Discord that let you chat, call, and facetime with others. Chatting on social media is also one of the options if that is your preference. 

Besides, you can also take advantage of social media to meet strangers who are just as eager to talk to others as you are. Also, it is not popular platforms like Facebook that you can use.

Snapchat is an example of a social media platform. While it is exclusive to mobile devices, you can still learn how to get snapchat on macbook and use it to meet new people or even exchange snaps with your current friends. 

Snapchat can be installed on a MacBook by getting BlueStacks, which is an emulator for macOS.

Play Video Games

Most people would probably argue that MacBooks are not optimal for playing video games because of their lackluster hardware. In addition, some video game developers do not bother optimizing their games for macOS because it is not worth it due to a lack of interest.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of games that you can enjoy on a MacBook. For starters, you can check the gaming category on the official App Store and download games you find interesting.

Other than the official App Store, you can also play indie video games that do not require powerful hardware. Some examples of such games include The Hollow Knight, Hades, Binding of Isaac, Celeste, and Cuphead.

Listen to Music

Listening to music is something you should do even while working, so long as background noises do not get in the way of your work. 

While iTunes is no longer a thing, you can still access your playlists on a separate Music application. 

You could also get Spotify and create new playlists there. Or, as an alternative, use YouTube, which is more or less a video platform, but it still has plenty of tracks you can listen to.

Explore Your Creative Side

Your creative side could be more than just writing. Drawing and trying to create your own music are a few other neat suggestions. For some, it can start out as a hobby and turn into a pursuit because they find joy in creating art, not to mention that there is an opportunity to make money as a graphic designer or a music producer.

However, if you have no intentions to pursue a different career and only want an outlet to get away from your troubles, then doing a bit of creative work could be just the thing to keep you occupied and provide some joy.

Watch Videos, Movies, TV Shows

Sitting back and enjoying a movie or a TV show is one of the most popular forms of entertainment at the moment. Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, you have so many different movies, and TV shows that finding time to watch everything is more or less impossible. 

Besides streaming platforms, you could also spend some time watching videos on YouTube and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. These videos are just as entertaining and educational. 

Shop Online

There are people who would do anything but spend their time going around stores to shop. But that applies to brick-and-mortar stores because you need to walk around and deal with other shoppers who are in your way.

Shopping online is a different experience. It can be fun because of how simple the process is. You can add a product to the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout with just a few clicks. And even if you end up not buying anything, browsing through a product list and bookmarking some goods for the future can also be a fun way to spend your time.

Check Various Streaming Websites

Twitch TV continues to grow its audience. Now, the platform has more than 1.4 million concurrent viewers on average. It is thanks to entertaining personalities who create content for the viewers. 

Watching streamers is not for everyone, but you should still try and see whether you find an enjoyable streamer that you would like to see more of in the future.