What Are The Ways To Track Who Hacked Your Phone?

Having your phone hacked is the worst experience you would face ever. Nowadays, phones are integrated parts of our daily life. From work schedules to contact information, our phones contain a lot of private and important data. Therefore, it’s a threatening thing to have your phone hacked. Once your phone gets hacked, all your private and confidential information gets compromised. That’s obviously not a favourable thing for you as the owner of the phone. 

Everything in your phone, including your financial information and social media accounts, get unprotected. That can be too dangerous for any phone owner. You can use Hotozcoupons to buy secured anti-hacking software for your phone for better protection. 

In present times, all the smartphones come with high-security features. But the hackers have their ways to break into your phone system. But they are bound to install spyware on your phone to get access to your phone. Even a simple app that you install for a purpose can include spyware. Also, if you allow many individuals to have physical access to your phone, that can be dangerous for you too. 

Once your phone gets hacked, there are not many ways to identify the hacker. Even sometimes, you don’t have any idea that someone else has been having access to your phone. In such cases, the thing gets more serious. The hacker gets access to your phone without your convenience. Installing a reputed anti-hacking software is a precaution that can protect your phone from hacking. 

How to know who hacked your phone? 

  • Install anti-spy software 

There are several services and software companies in the market that can provide you high-quality anti-spy software. Once that software is installed on your phone, you will get to know about your phone’s security status. Such software will immediately detect if your phone is hacked or not. Also, you can use that software to track who installed a certain spyware. 

As the owner, you will be able to see the spyware app or software inside your phone. The anti-spy software will detect the exact application or APK file that has the spyware. Moreover, the software will help you to track the installer of the spyware as well. You can apply Dealvoucherz coupons to save your money when purchasing anti-spy software online. 

  • Ask the brand to provide you the necessary information 

Cloud storage is a mandatory thing today in both Android and IOS. Sometimes the hacker can hack your phone by hacking your cloud account. In such a case, you need to call up the service of your phone’s brand. You are supposed to ask them all the details of your cloud account. They can provide you the IP addresses through which your cloud account has been accessed. Once you get the IP address of the hacker, it won’t take much time to identify that individual. 

  • Set a trap to catch the hacker 

There are some software that can benefit you with some amazing features. Those software include alarm systems to inform you about any unwanted activity inside your phone. Moreover, some of the mobile security software take silent images of the hackers when they are accessing your account. With that feature, you can easily get to identify the hacker and catch him red-handed. These are all the possible ways to track the person who hacked your phone. To prevent such a condition, you can install a mobile protection software right after purchasing the phone. Have a visit to Indiancoupons.in to get thousands of coupons with exciting discounts. You can use the coupons to buy mobile protection software with great discounts.