What does skin upgrade mean?

Upgrading CS:GO skins gives you a chance to exchange the items that you don’t need anymore for other, better, and even more expensive items. On the one hand, the process of upgrading skins has something in common with the typical exchange of virtual items on trade bot websites; on the other hand, hoping to win rare and expensive skins.

Still, if you are using unreliable websites, you are never guaranteed to win, or even have an honest spin, and it is quite risky – you can lose your skins. Therefore, it is worth choosing only trusted, well-known sites such as for example, https://bloodycase.com/skin-upgrade

This young but promising upgrade simulator already has 2K users, uses an advanced mathematical algorithm, which honestly demonstrates your chance to win, as well as offers the most affordable prices. There are some pleasant bonuses to cheer you up if you lose, such as a cashback on your balance, or a guarantee to keep your skins if you had 5 unsuccessful upgrades in a row!

Let’s figure out how skin upgrade works, and see the sites you can trust.

How does skin upgrade work?

This example will help you clearly understand how the process works:

  • you have a skin for $1, and you upload it to the site;
  • then, you choose the percentage of the upgrade (it works differently on different sites, but on average, you can choose from the following coefficients: 1.5%, 2%, 5%, and 50%. The chance to win depends on the percentage of the upgrade (for example, to improve a skin worth 43 cents for x50, the drop chance will be about 3%. It’s quite a small chance, but you still have it! Isn’t it cool to upload an m4-nitro and get a new knife?!);
  • press the upgrade button;
  • then, the wheel will spin and if the arrow stops in this tiny range, you’ll get your new skin in your profile instead of the one you had before. If you don’t succeed to fall into this winning range, then, alas, you lose your item, but, on some websites, you can get a cashback for it);

Usually, it is the level of the upgrade that affects the chance of winning a new skin. Also, most of these sites provide various bonus items that reduce the risk and sometimes give you even better items as a result of the upgrade.

Some CS:GO skin upgrade platforms have a rather creative interface, providing a cool user experience. For example, you can find sites with the interface made in the fantasy style, where the upgrade process looks like the magic of a powerful sorcerer or the work of a skilled craftsman.

While these design tricks help create really beautiful sites and turn the UX into a fantastic adventure, they don’t have much of an impact on the upgrade process, since all sites work the same way.

 How do you get credits on CS: GO upgrade sites?

Credits are the virtual currency that the upgrade sites operate with. You can get them in several ways:

  • update skins: a successful update is 2% of the cost of the skin. The inability to update is 1% of the cost of the skin;
  • complete tasks from the “Tasks” section and earn up to 11,000 credits ($ 11);
  • invite your friends and people you know to update sites. Everyone who signs in on the website using your link gains 100 credits (only after their first update!);
  • you get 2% of the cost of EVERY skin you’ve updated, regardless of whether the update was successful or not.

Choose the best CS:GO upgrade platforms to get the most out of your game!

Best CS:GO Upgrade Sites 2021

  • Bloodycase;
  • DatDrop;
  • FarmSkins;
  • HellCase;
  • DaddySkins;
  • EZY;
  • CSGOskins;
  • KeyDrop;
  • CaseBattle;
  • G4Skins;
  • GGDrop;
  • SkinClub;
  • CSGONet;
  • UnboxSkins.