What Online Casino Game Is Easiest to Win?

You have probably heard or even seen professional gamblers, who actually make enough money by playing casino games. However, these people mainly play poker and blackjack, and both of these games require strategy. In other words, they aren’t exactly easy. Another type of professional gambler is a sports bettor. They don’t win consistently, but they manage to find arbitrage bets, and usually sell this information, as betting only on those events can get them banned. 

Is it possible though to win money at an online casino by playing other games? It’s true that all games are designed with a house edge, but that doesn’t mean they are a complete waste of money. If you are careful with your expenses and use no deposit deals that you can find on wageringadvisors.ca then you might be able to get some extra cash. The worst case scenario is that you’ll lose no deposit funds, which didn’t cost you anything. So, let’s see what are some of the easiest ways to win in an online casino. 


Roulette is definitely one of the games where players can easily win. If you place red/black, high/low, odds/even bets there is nearly a 50% chance to get it right. So, to maximize your odds just opt to play European or French roulette, because in American roulette there are 2 “0” fields. Bear in mind that due to a low house edge, you might find that no deposit bonus cannot be used on roulette, so read the terms and conditions carefully. If the bonus applies then chances are there are some wagering requirements attached to that offer. 

There is also a popular and easy-to-learn strategy that players use for roulette. The idea is to double your bet whenever you lose on those 50/50 rolls. This way you recover all of your losses with a single right guess. You don’t double your winning rolls, those are just pure profit. Although this is a solid strategy, remember that it’s still possible to end up on a long losing streak. If you lose 5 or 6 times in a row you’ll be down significantly, so the strategy only works if you have a big budget.  


Another game with decent odds for players is Baccarat. The idea here is to always place bets either on the banker or the player. The odds are slightly better for the banker and the payout is slightly lower, but the difference is negligible. There is also a tactic that is easy to follow. So long as you are winning you keep backing the same option, the moment you lose you switch the bet to the other one. Of course, you don’t have to use this tactic, it’s just something to make gameplay more interesting. You can bet only on the banker or only the player however you see fit. 


This is one of the few games where players can get the upper hand. Those who can count cards can actually turn the odds in their favour, but this tactic is only applicable if you play in land-based casinos. The idea is to observe games and pay attention to the cards that are no longer in the shoe. Once you penetrate the deck you know what are the odds of certain cards appearing. 

In online blackjack, this isn’t really possible, and you’ll need to spend a lot of money to even penetrate the deck in a live dealer game. Still, if you play perfect blackjack you can get decent odds. There is a chart that you can memorize that tells you what type of bet to make in any given situation. This can take weeks to memorize so just have the chart open in another tab or on your phone while playing online blackjack. 

Bear in mind that there are many variations of online blackjack, they have different payout rules and even different rules for soft 17. These might look like minor details but they do affect the house edge. So, play the demo version of the game first, and see how it works, before you wager real money. 


These were some of the online casino games where players can snag an easy win. There are also some slots with low volatility that you can try, but they won’t offer the same advantage as these games. Also, don’t view this as means of generating income, even with all the tips we mentioned casinos still have the upper hand. This idea is to have fun while playing, and if you win more frequently you’ll have a better overall experience. Also, payouts on these 50/50 bets are pretty low, so don’t expect massive rewards.