What roles are assigned to members of a professional team in CS:GO

In any multiplayer game, each player in the team has a specific role. The same is true in CS:GO. Since this is a team game, situations rarely occur when the outcome of the meeting is influenced by the individual skill of the cybersportsman. Team chemistry comes to the fore, the ability to communicate and interact with each other. If we consider CS:GO, then each of the five players has a unique role in the team. At the same time, the roles of teammates can partially coincide or complement each other. The statistics of the players and the playing role largely depend on this, which helps bettors to place bets at the Brasil Mostbet bookmaker or other bookmakers.

Some 5 years ago, in CS:GO, by and large, there was no clear distribution of teammates for positions, but now the situation has changed significantly. In this article, we will look at what roles are assigned to members of a professional CS:GO team, who is the most important player in the organization and who has the greatest impact on the game.

Captain (IGL)

Every professional team has a captain, both in traditional sports and eSports. Playing with a captain is very different from playing without an IGL. This is a competent player who looks at the team’s game from the outside and corrects the actions of each teammate. He will tell you where to run and what to do on the map. In rare cases in teams, the captain is a key player. However, often, such players do not occupy the first places in the table of results of individual games, since their head is full of completely different things. The playing captain makes decisions, analyzes the movements of the teammates, as well as the opponent.

At the same time, often the captain is a charismatic player who is well versed in strategy, has great authority and trust from his wards or partners. If necessary, at a certain stage of the game, the captain can radically influence the tactics of the team, especially if the players failed in previous rounds.

Sniper (AWPer)

The sniper has one of the most important roles in the team. Often, there is only one sniper in a CS:GO team, due to the limited mobility of this player. The AWP is a heavy rifle that the player cannot move quickly around the map with. If there are two snipers in the team at once, then there will be problems with a quick approach to key positions. Against this background, it will be easier for the opponent to keep his plant.

A professional sniper has excellent reaction and speed, he is accurate and finds frags in those places where the opponent does not expect him. For this reason, the top team sniper is often the most famous player on his team, even though his teammates can contribute even more to the team’s wins.


This is a real hunter, who often makes the first kills of an opponent in the team. At the beginning of the round, when the rest of the team is doing tactics, the entry fragger is the first to get to a dangerous place on the map and look for his frag. If the entry-fragger’s actions are successful, then the opponent’s positions are significantly weakened. In such a situation, protection from the opponent begins. Each entry fragger is well versed in the situation, knows common enemy positions, has nerves of steel and fantastic accuracy, no worse than a sniper.


This player can be called the most cunning in the team. While the other four teammates are busy creating winning positions on the map, the lurker is quietly collecting the necessary information for them. This is a real spy, whose main task is to intercept single enemy players and create interference in the most active zones on the map.

Lurker is most often used in teams that are focused on attack. It opens up more space for teammates, although defensive organizations also resort to using such positions. Lurker differs from a regular player in that he actively pressures advantageous positions to provide any information and maximum influence on the outcome of the game round.

Anchor role

The anchor is used primarily in teams with defensive tactics. He is responsible for inflicting as much damage on the opponent as possible. It takes into account indirect signs and determines where the enemy is going to move, and also quickly notifies teammates about this.

Most often, the anchor role is assigned to those players who can confront the enemy alone, therefore, they rarely survive until the end of the game round. The task of the anchor is to hold the enemy until reinforcements arrive for a long time. One of the best anchors in the world is considered to be Perfecto from NAVI.