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Which Class is Best for You in Path of Exile?

In Path of Exile, we are treated to a number of classes, each with their own strengths. Depending on what your style of play is, there is something for everyone in the ARPG. Sure, you can use the likes of PoE Trade to your advantage to improve your PoE build. But the core principles of a class are what make your gameplay experience. So, we are going to be looking at how each class can be beneficial, and what you should choose to start out with.


This class is great for strength focus. They are difficult to kill, and can dish out a lot of damage. With two-handed melee skills at their disposal, and defensive skills as well from an early point in the skill tree, this is a fantastic class to go with when getting to grips with PoE.


The Templar is also effective for strength, as well as intelligence. A Templar has the option of using both spells and a hard-hitting stick to decimate those who stand before it. Like the Marauder, you can also focus on defence skills early on, whilst the Templar also has the option of magic too.


If you want to mix up swords and axes, the the Duelist is the way to go. With both strength and dexterity traits, you can do devastating damage whilst effectively avoiding attacks too.


Speaking of dexterity, the Ranger gives you a lot of freedom of movement and attacking from a distance. This can be a very effective approach, as you can attack from a position of safety. If having high speed of attack and being able to evade is your game, then go for the Ranger.


There are a few classes that are more intelligence focused too. The Witch is probably the biggest example of this, as she can use wands and sceptres to dish out heavy damage with spells. You can also get a head start on investment in the likes of spell skills and minions too.


The Shadow class is a good mix of intelligence as well as dexterity. Using claws and daggers for fighting, you can use a combination of attacks from both melee and magic. You will also be able to invest in your skill tree early to get your attack speed up as well.


This is the class that becomes available to players once they have gotten to a point where they have completed the campaign and saved the Scion. This class is the most well-rounded, in that you are getting a mix of strength, intelligence and dexterity. Beginning in the middle of the skill tree, this class provides a blank foundation for you to make your own build however you like.

Which Class Should I Start with?

This brings us to our next big question. The Scion might sound appealing, though you can’t start with it and it isn’t the easiest of builds for you to play as. It isn’t going to be the abilities that determine which class is easiest to start out with. In fact, it’s going to be the base stats that you need to be looking at. So don’t worry about stressing over exalted orbs to increase your PoE currency, as the stats you start out with are going to help you.

With that in mind, you should focus on classes that have good strength and overall survivability. Therefore, the likes of the Marauder is going to be your best option. Sure, you may be considering the Ranger or the Witch so that you can attack effectively from distance. However, you will find yourself dying a lot more than you would as the Marauder. The Templar can be a good starter too, as can the Duelist.

Ultimately, the classes that you choose are going to need to cater to your playstyle. After all, that is truly how you are going to get the most of Path of Exile. There’s a lot to get your head around, such as PoE orbs as currency, looting from mobs and of course, choosing the best class for you. That said, you don’t want to make life too difficult for yourself in the early stages. So, choose a class that is going to help you survive early on to avoid frustration.

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