Which CS:GO eSports Team Could Be the Best This Year?

CS:GO is a team sport, and as such, individual players come and go, but teams remain relatively stable. In light of this fact, it is difficult to say which CS:GO eSports team could be the best in 2022 and 2023. However, a few teams have consistently performed well over the past few years and seem likely to continue doing so into the future. If you understand what team could be the best this year, it might give you a better indication of who to bet on.

What is the best CS:GO eSports team in the world right now?

The CS:GO competitive scene is constantly changing, with new teams and players always emerging. It’s hard to say definitively who the best team in the world is at any given moment. However, a few teams have consistently performed well over the past few years and seem likely to continue doing so into the future.

The GetEsports.net ranking is an excellent way to keep track of which teams are currently performing well. Generally, the better a team does in tournaments, the higher they will be ranked. Therefore, the teams that are consistently near the top of the GetEsports world ranking are likely to be the best. It is also important to pay attention to the individual results of the roster. The best players in CS:GO are also available at https://getesports.net/en/cs-go-players/. If a team has several world-class players, it’s likely to be one of the best.

Below, you will find the top 5 CS:GO teams currently:

  • Faze. The European team has been one of the best for several years now. They have won numerous tournaments and are always near the top of the HLTV world ranking. For these reasons, they are likely the best team for now. This year, they will be looking to add more tournament wins to their impressive resume.
  • Natus Vincere. There were several re-shuffles in their roster, but they are still managing to stay at a high level and win tournaments. The team has many experienced players like s1mple, electronic, and Perfecto, who consistently perform at a high level.
  • Liquid. The North American team is one of the strongest and has been for a few years now. They have made it to several grand finals but haven’t managed to win a Major yet. The team’s current roster is very strong, with players like NAF, EliGE, and nitr0 performing at a high level. The team is always one of the favourites to win any tournament they participate in.
  • Astralis. Another European team, Astralis, has won numerous tournaments and is always near the top of the HLTV world ranking. With that said, Astralis is not as dominant as they once were, and other teams are starting to catch up to them. 2023 will be crucial for Astralis if they want to remain near the top of the CS:GO scene.
  • MOUZ. As of late, this German team has been on a winning spree. They managed to beat some of the best teams in the world, like Na’Vi and Astralis in tournaments. The team is filled with young talents such as frozen and torzsi who are always putting up great numbers.

So, these are 5 of the best teams in CS:GO right now. However, it is essential to remember that anything can happen in Counter-Strike, and any team can have a good day and win a tournament.

What CS:GO team could be the best this year?

Although the top 5 teams include Faze, Natus Vincere, Liquid, Astralis and Mouz – everything can change in Counter-Strike. Many other strong teams, including G2 Esports, Vitality, Cloud9, and others, could all have a good year and win tournaments. As always, it is important to do your research before betting on any team.

Some people in the CS:GO community believe that Brazil has the potential to be a dark horse on the international scene. Now, there are a lot of great Brazilian teams, and they have been getting better and better results in international tournaments. With that said, a lot of people are high on Furia Esports.

Some other teams that could have a good year and win tournaments include OG, Heroic, ENCE, and Imperial. They have all shown glimpses of brilliance and could string together a few good results in tournaments.