Which DLC’s and Expansions Should you BUY for ESO

If you have already discovered all those exciting locations in the basic version of Elder Scroll Online and want to explore more of them. You need to buy downloadable content aka DLCs which provides buyers access to the locked content. ESO comes up with many DLCs since the release and it is hard for beginners to learn which of them is the best. This makes it difficult for them to purchase quality stuff and they fear losing their money. This article features a ranking of some of the best expansions of Elder Scroll Online which are of great value for many. New expansions are regularly added to the game so chances are that you may find some new expansions by the time you read this article but don’t worry because all these expansions are worth trying. Almost all of the DLCs given below are purchased with crowns which is a currency for ESO that players buy with real money. You have to wait for some time to get all the other expansions while Greymoor and Elswyer are available for sale right at the start of the game. 


Summerset ESO DLC

Summerset is available for thirty-five hundred crowns and provides you access to an exclusive zone along with a new chapter of quests. It is ranked as one of the most beautiful expansions of ESO by the gaming community. There are quests that you need to complete to unlock the jewelry crafting skill. Fight against dark forces in this mystic location filled with racists and other monsters. 

Clockwork City 

The base version features partial access to the Clockwork city along with some quests but the true surprise lies in the complete expansions which you can get for two thousand crowns. This price unlocks the complete Clockwork City zone along with exciting quests. Villain named Sotha Sil is on the mission to become the undisputed king of Tamriel and you have to stop him before it’s too late. There are many new in-game items such as armor sets waiting for you in this beautiful city. 


Greymoor Elder Scrolls Online

Greymoor is located in the mountains where a vampire lord is ruling Tamriel and your mission is to save the city from him. It is a popular DLC available on Steam and ESO official store for thirty-nine bucks. You will also learn a lot of new secrets on your adventure and have to be aware of betrayals that are waiting for you. This DLC features a good story along with a completely new chapter and zone. Vampire lord has a big army of monsters that you have never encountered before so go prepared. You also need Eso Gold to upgrade your weapons and other items to deal with them singlehandedly. 

Markarth Collector’s Bundle

The complete Markarth Collector’s Bundle is a new addition to ESO but it still manages to earn a high rank all thanks to its epic story and location. By spending four thousand crowns, you can unlock the Markarth Collector’s Bundle in ESO. The story goes on as a group known as Gray Host is causing damage in the region and you have to stop them along with your allies. You will receive a new horse mount and a new pet that you can keep even after completing the mission of this DLC. Don’t worry about leveling up as there are a lot of experience scrolls in the game. 

Guilds and Glory Megapack

Guilds and Glory

As the name Guilds and Glory Megapack suggests, this is a complete package that is available in Elder Scroll Online for four thousand crowns. It features the first four DLCs of Elder Scroll Online which is a good value for money given the content that you will get access to. The DLCs included in this megapack are Dark Brotherhood, Imperial City, Thieves Guild, and Orsinium. 


There is good news for those who are on the latest version of the game as they can get Elsweyr expansion for free and those who have the old version can buy it for thirty-five hundred crowns. Your task is to help Khajiit in battle as they fight with big dragons who are invading their homeland for no apparent reason. Win the war and restore peace in their homeland while living your dream of being a dragon slayer. 


Morrowind ESO expansion

Morrowind is known as the home of Dark Elves and is ranked as one of the largest expansions in Elder Scroll Online. Those who have recently bought just the standard edition of ESO can enjoy it for free while those with the previous version have to spend thirty hundred crowns to get excess to this zone. You can make certain character choices at the start of the game to begin your adventure in Morrowind and unlock the Vvardenfell area right from the start. The red moon is crashing on the city of Vivec and you are their last hope so give your best shot. 


For orcs of Tamriel, Orsinium is their home and you can get access to it in Elder Scroll Online by spending three thousand crowns. The whole city is destroyed and the king is asking for your help to rebuild the city from the ashes. Your success in the quests means the city will rise to glory again. It is located on land which is filled with harsh winds and ice. There are some icy peaks that you can climb in your free time to look around you. All the orc’s tribes are divided and you are given the task to unite them under one flag. Compared to all the other downloadable content in the entire game, the story of the Orsinium is the best. While rebuilding the city and uniting orcs tribes, you will also receive some useful items such as a new set of weapons along with new armor which is a pretty good deal. It also features a solo arena for those who are always willing to take on new challenges. MMOPIXEL.COM features Elder Scroll Online Gold for all the available game servers at the best price.