Why Live Casino Gaming Still Continues to Grow

In recent years, it has been harder for some people to get to in-person, and many have taken the decision to play their table and slot games online. This has been reflected in the growth of live casino gaming as well as the industry in general.

In this guide, we’re exploring some of the reasons why live gaming is still in a phase of enormous growth in the US and beyond.

More Options

One undeniable reason for more live gaming and casino gambling than ever before is the fact that there are so many more options. It isn’t hard to find a safe online casino that offers you the sort of table or slot games that you want to get involved with.

Live casino gaming has continued to incorporate more new and exciting methods to play, too, so there are more options for live dealer games with a variety of casinos.

Changing Attitudes (and Laws)

The legal status of gambling has been debated for an incredibly long time, but it is clear to see that attitudes are generally changing, with more of the US and Canada in particular opening up to the idea of the industry being legalized, not least to generate revenue.

This means that live casino gaming figures are continuing to grow as the audience grows. Every new territory that allows gambling means that there are opportunities for new sites, and people are able to start gambling on their chosen casino game.

Whether you want to play a game of chance like a slot game or you fancy yourself as a poker or craps pro, the attitude is changing to make it easier and more accessible to play.

Better Connectivity

In order to engage with people, the live casino gaming industry has to be able to connect with people. The rollout of 5G networks and a general increase in WiFi and cellular connectivity has brought a whole generation of new players who can log on and enjoy the live casino games from anywhere.

People can play while they sit on the bus, or while they wait for an appointment, as well as in the comfort of their own homes. Connectivity continues to improve even in some of the most rural areas and this means even more growth when it comes to the number of players in casinos. 

This improved connectivity and internet capability also means that the casinos have more options that require a lot of bandwidth, such as the live dealer casinos that use video hosts to deal the cards for you. 10 years ago, this would have been much more difficult as people didn’t have the same sort of connection speeds.

Deals and Promotions

This is a competitive industry, and in order to stay ahead a lot of the casinos are trying to outdo one another with offers and promotions. These deals may include casino bonuses like loyalty, signup bonuses, or other ways to entice players in (or re-engage with those who haven’t logged in for a while).

Undeniably, these marketing efforts are helping with the growth of the industry, both when it comes to hooking in new players or just increasing the time that existing players are spending on live casinos.

New and Exciting Games

As the industry continues to grow and develop, there is always pressure on the online casinos to improve their sites or to come up with something new and unique. There are plenty of developers making new games, or twists on some of the old classics like blackjack.

A lot of slot games have launched in recent years with phenomenal results, but live casino games are seeing similar growth as casinos give them new and exciting twists.


There are so many things that are working together to ensure that live casino gaming continues to grow, and that more players sign up, but also that more games become available to the existing gamblers.

There are very few signs of any letup in the coming years, so you can expect to see continual growth from new live casinos and from some big names in gambling revolutionizing their online casino offering to entice new players.