Will there be other animals besides chickens in CS2? Valve is preparing surprises

There is not much time left before the release of the updated Counter Strike 2. The American company Valve has already announced that the game will be released in the summer of 2023. However, since the release of several hot trailers, the developer continues to keep any other information under wraps. Therefore, we have to learn any information about Counter Strike 2 from insiders who occasionally please us with at least some news. For example, this time, we learned from insiders that there will be animals in the game.

Betting on CS:GO in bookmakers is very popular among eSports fans. Without a doubt, Counter Strike 2 will also be of great interest to bettors. At the same time, in order to make the game in the bookmaker’s office quick and convenient, we recommend downloading Mostbet APP IN. Well, in this article we will tell you what new items await us in CS2 and whether new animals will be added to the game.

Will there be animals in Counter Strike 2?

More recently, there was information that references to animals were found in the game files. To be more precise, there should be room in the player’s inventory for his faithful companion. This novelty was found in the game data by Gabe Follower and the file is called “PET”. In the updated Counter Strike, this should be next to music, graffiti, skins. The insider also reported the discovery of textures that are associated with the found file. So, in the graphic file, Gabe found a chicken.

Of course, the mentioned animal must be obtained somehow. Especially for this, a capsule called “PET Capsule” is used. Thus, if she does appear in the game, then most likely there will be an opportunity to create animals.

At the moment, there is only one type of animal in CS:GO – chickens. Despite the fact that this is a minor element that does not affect the course of the game in any way, the chickens in the game have become its true icons. However, the file that the insider found clearly indicates the fact that the world of animals will be significantly expanded in the new Counter-Strike 2. There is a high probability that in CS2 we will see other inhabitants of the fauna.

What will the addition of animals in CS2 change?

At this stage, it is difficult to make any assumptions, since apart from insider news, we do not have any other information. However, we can draw conclusions from other games. For example, in Dota 2, as well as almost any other MMO and single-player games, it is possible to have a companion animal. In this case, depending on the game, there are 2 types of animals. The first group has a direct impact on the gameplay, helping to increase the statistical indicators of the characters. The second category is animals that are used in the game only for decoration. It would seem that this is not surprising, but why introduce animals into CS2? Big question.

We have already noted that the game will have a “PET Capsule”, which means that there will be an additional capsule that you can either get or buy. In this case, when opening this capsule, the player will receive his pet. What animals will Valve add? It can be cats, dogs, or any other animals that will follow their master everywhere. If we consider the question in theory, then it is rather abstract. What is in practice? Animals can distract the attention of the players and reduce the concentration, which will cause the gameplay to suffer.

Another assumption is connected with the addition of the possibility of customizing the animal to the game. Perhaps the American developer wants players to be able to dress up existing chickens on their own? Today, nothing is known, and we can only guess what new features will be in CS2, however, each news increases interest more and more.

When will Counter Strike 2 be released?

If you are a true fan of this game and follow the developers page on Twitter, then most likely you know that the development of CS2 started back in 2020. However, on March 22 this year, the American developer announced that the release of the updated version of the game will take place this summer. At the moment there is no exact release date, but there is already information that it will be in the summer. Insiders are constantly trying to stir up interest and attract attention with speculation about the release date of the game, but we would advise you to trust only official information from Valve.

CS2 beta testing began on March 22 and a limited number of esports players take part in it. To get access to the game testing, the user must meet a number of criteria, namely: the amount of time spent in CS:GO on official servers, the status of the account on Steam, as well as the data specified in the gamer’s profile, including complaints, warnings or violations.