WoW – How you Get Better Gear | New Changing Patch 10.1

The gearing system in World of Warcraft is undergoing a significant overhaul. With Patch 10.1, things become more complex – and yet, much simpler.

In many MMORPGs, and especially in World of Warcraft, endgame content revolves around the pursuit of increasingly superior loot. This includes the most powerful weapons, most effective jewelry, and an impressive animal set with the highest possible item level. However, the methods for upgrading equipment in WoW have been revised multiple times over the past few years. In Patch 10.1, Ember of Neltharion, the developers are once again attempting a major rework of the upgrade mechanics – and are also eliminating bravery points.

WoW make everything easier, bringing two new currencies

At first glance, it may seem like a typical Blizzard move to introduce new currencies while simplifying the system, but it actually makes sense. Instead of having multiple currencies for upgrading different types of PvE armor, everything is now unified into a single system. This new system introduces two new currencies.

  • Flightstones: You can get the Flightstone (e.g. “swarming stones”) from almost all PvE content. Whether world quests, treasures, dungeons or raids, every PvE activity can bring Flightstones. This is the primary currency for upgrading items.
  • Shadowflame Crests: The second currency, the Shadowflame Crests (e.g. “Crests of the Shadowflame”) are available from world events, dungeons and raids. They come in four versions:
    • Whelpling’s Shadowflame Crest (LFR-Niveau)
    • Drake’s Shadowflame Crest (Normal-Niveau)
    • Wyrm’s Shadowflame Crest (Heroic Tier)
    • Aspect’s Shadowflame Crest (Mythisch-Niveau)

In Patch 10.1, these two currencies are applicable for upgrading nearly all PvE equipment.

World of Warcraft

Exclusions from the new upgrade system

The new upgrade system in World of Warcraft is designed to cover a wide range of items in PvE content, but there are some exceptions. The following items will not be part of the new system:

  1. PvP Items: PvP rewards will still use the upgrade system with honor tied to personal PvP rating.
  2. Crafted Items: Items crafted through professions will be upgraded through recrafting as before.
  3. Mythic Raid Items: Mythic Raid level gear cannot be further upgraded. The very best items at the “item level cap” are therefore only available via direct drops and the weekly chamber – just as before.

How the upgrade system works in WoW Patch 10.1

The upgrade system in WoW Patch 10.1 is relatively simple once players have a good understanding of it. When a player loots an item, it is assigned a category and rank of upgrade. Most items can be upgraded between 4 and 8 times using two new resources for each upgrade step: Flightstones and Shadowflame Crests.

Flightstones are the primary currency for upgrading items and can be obtained from almost all PvE content. On the other hand, Shadowflame Crests are required for upgrading to a higher item level and come in four versions