WoW TBC – Best Races and Professions for Protection Warrior Tank

With a useful race and profession, your Protection Warrior Tank can thrive.

This article will be delving into which professions and races are going to work best for tanking as a Protection Warrior. There will be some differences depending on your allegiances and what TBC items you need, so here’s the best setup for the class.

Best Horde Races

You can get a headstart on your peer as far as increased health is concerned if you’re playing as a Tauren. Thanks to the Endurance trait, which adds 5% to your overall health. It also features War Stomp, a popular choice amongst tanks thanks to the ability to AoE stun mobs for a couple of seconds. 

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something that’s more effective for PvP, then try the Undead. They can retrieve some health back if they’re near either an Undead or Humanoid’s carcass, courtesy of Cannibalize. Being able to grant yourself immunity from charm, sleep and fear with Will of the Forsaken is another bonus. 

You could also choose the Troll, which utilizes the likes of Beast Slaying to allow you to inflict 55 more damage against beasts. Berserking will also add to your attack speed, initially by 10%, or it can be doubled if you are injured. Then there’s Regeneration to consider, which will grant you additional health regen throughout the battle. 

It probably isn’t worth your investment or time of WoW TBC Classic gold by pursuing the Orc. Though it has some powerful abilities, you miss out on 50% healing when using Blood Fury, which we are looking for when tanking. 

Best Alliance Races

Overall, your best choice for an Alliance race is the Human. With the use of Mace Specialization and Sword Specialization, you will find that there is a lot of uses when it comes to tanking. With Diplomacy also increasing your reputation by 10%, this is arguably one of the most suitable races. 

However, there is the alternative of the Gnome, which can help you get out of a sticky situation quickly with Escape Artists. This takes you away from any effects that would reduce your speed or even immobilize you. The Engineering Specialization that adds 15 to your Engineering skill is a great bonus as well. 

Another speedy choice would be the Night Elf. With an increased dodge of 1% with Quickness, you can find a way out of difficult fights a bit easier. This is further enhanced by the increased movement speed given by Wisp Spirit. Or, if you want to try a stealthier approach, then the Night Elf also offers Shadowmeld to aid you in using the shadows to avoid detection from mobs. 

Best Professions to Use

When it comes to professions, there are a lot of different aspects to consider. It can be not easy to choose which is best for you and what will be most beneficial when working through TBC power levelling. There’s also the TBC gold that you need to be aware of too, as there are professions that can eat into your currency. This is where the option to buy WoW TBC gold would normally come in.

One profession worth noting is Engineering. If you’ve already researched tanking and professions, you have probably already seen that many players choose Engineering as their preferred option. This is seemingly an obvious choice with the ability to create the Goblin Rocket Launcher in the first phase and Tankatronic Goggles in the second. 

The main reason why Engineering is so popular amongst tank players is arguably down to making the Field Repair Bot 110G. This is going to be a difference-maker, especially if you have been struggling with certain raids. 

If you want to make more WoW TBC Classic gold, then Enchanting is worth mentioning. The Enchant Ring brings additional stats, which equates to more health with a tank before raiding, increasing overall health. 

In general, your best options are to play as either a Tauren or Human, depending on who you have sided with. As for your profession, you can’t go wrong with Engineering. Keep in mind that if you are looking for a very specific build that you like, then there is the chance that you could buy WoW TBC accounts if you can find the right site and build. This would mean you would have less to worry about when it comes to The Burning Crusade power levelling and more grinding.

Have you tried out this WoW TBC protection warrior tank method? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!