MacBook Pro 16-inch Models will arrive this week

16-inch MacBook Pro processor Benchmark Score

15-inch MacBook Pro model introduced in 2019, the newly released 16-inch MacBook Pro is by far the most powerful Apple notebook. The new machine has comprehensive improvements in audio and video functions, but the performance of the early CPU benchmarks submitted by Apple Insider and Geekbench is only slightly better than the previous generation.

MacBook Pro 16-inch Models will arrive this week
MacBook Pro 16-inch Models will arrive this week

For example, the new 16-inch MacBook with a 2.4GHz Core i9 processor has a Geekbench single-core/multi-core score of 1137 / 7184 points.

In contrast, Apple Insider tested the 2019 mid-range 15-inch MacBook Pro model (equipped with a 2.4GHz Core i9 processor) with a score of 1104 / 6871 points.

In addition, the 2018 15-inch MacBook model (2.9GHz Core i9 processor) has a single/dual-core benchmark score of 1081 / 5302.

Obviously, compared to last year’s model, the new multi-core score of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro has been greatly improved – even if its CPU clocked at only 2.3GHz, it still beat the previous generation 2.9GHz model.

However, in terms of CPU performance, the difference between it and the now-defunct 15-inch MacBook Pro model is much smaller.

It should be pointed out that the above emphasis is only on the performance improvement of the CPU part. After all, Apple said that the entry-level configuration of the new MacBook Pro has a GPU performance that is 2.1 times higher than the previous generation.

The score of the CPU Benchmark will vary depending on the test environment. But from the known reference information, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro is indeed faster, but not much faster than the previous generation 15-inch model.

In addition, users can trade at a higher price and upgrade for faster speeds. As for the actual performance improvement, it is still necessary to refer to the evaluation of various media after the new machine is available.

Of course, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro isn’t a mystery. After all, it’s equipped with a new 16-inch screen, improved audio and keyboard, and a slightly wider case than the previous model.