AirPods PRO First Firmware Update Release

Apple has released the first firmware update since the release of AirPods Pro, the new firmware version number is 2B588, replacing the 2B584 pre-installed since its release in late October. This firmware update only affects AirPods Pro and does not affect AirPods. Since Apple did not provide a release note for its AirPods Pro firmware update, it is not clear what the exact content was updated, but a relatively small change in the build number indicates that it may have been bug fixes or performance adjustments.

The user does not need to perform any special operations. When AirPods Pro is placed in the included charging box and the charging box is also charging and within range of the iOS host device, the firmware is automatically updated. 

This firmware is automatically applied when AirPods Pro is connected to your iPhone or iPad. There is currently no update mechanism available to force the update of AirPods Pro on the user’s hand, but you can check the firmware version number of AirPods Pro in Settings – General.