All stim Canisters locations locations in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

In STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order, there are a total of 256 collectibles, which are divided into several categories. In this guide we want to show you where you can find all the stim containers for BD-1.

Trophies & Achievements Earned from Collectibles:

  • Collector  – Collect all chests and secrets
  • Medical Droid  – Find all of BD-1’s stim canisters
  • Green Thumb  – Have a fully grown terrarium
  • Data Disk  – Find all of BD-1’s encrypted logs
  • Data Collector  – Scan all enemy types
  • Echo Location  – Discover 75 Force Echoes

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order All Stim Container Locations in Traps Order

The TExtliche part of this solution is still in progress. In the video you can look up all eight container locations.

Jedi Fallen Order – All Stim Canister Locations How and Where to find the locations of all of BD-1’s Stim Canisters? Unlocking the Medical Droid Trophy or Achievement.

# 1 Bogano landing pad

Once you have left the ship, go the round way down (right by the spaceship). Then move the ball with the DRAW through the cage on the switch, which requires some sensitivity. The ball must be pushed over the semicircular stone path on the pressure plate. Then go through the open door and get the stim tank.

# 2 Bogano Underground Refuge

From the surface (Binog Plateau), you will see a large round hole in the ground that will bring you down to the Underground Refuge. Directly below you will find the Stim container.

# 3 Zeffo Dilapidated hangar

If you have gotten the task of searching for the old grave you will have to walk on a wall shortly after the landing site, shortly thereafter you can LEFT into a cave, there you will find this stim-container.

# 4 Zeffo

On the way back from the tomb of Miktrull, you have to pull a bunch of yellow ropes on you to take a shortcut. Use one of them to swing into a wind tunnel. This one will lift you to reach the chest.

# 5 Zeffo Venator wreck

You must enter the optional Venator Wreck area and play bus to the end, from the crash site you will reach the entrance. If you’ve explored the area and you’re back outdoors, you’ll see the Golden Box on the left.

# 7 Kashyyyk

# 7 Dathomir nightmare ruins

STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order – How to solve Venator Wreck

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