Announcements for GTA 6 Project Americas: Real or Fake?

With 15 million copies of GTA 5 sold in 2019, several years after the first release, it is not surprising that the potential development of GTA 6 is provoking a great curiosity from the community in video games.

Not surprisingly, until the new chapter of the series, Grand Theft Auto is still the champion of a steady series of rumors and rumors, related to advertising, publication date, plot, or characters. Recently, a strange new vision has attracted the curiosity of many users. As GameRant mentioned, in fact, the network seems to be done the way the various reports relate to some of the search results associated with “GTA 6“.

In particular, some screenshots taken from a smartphone appear to contain a reference to an ad related to GTA 6 Project Americas, which is listed in the “PlayStation Megapack”. The reports, GameRant reports, first appeared in the network in Spanish, followed later by reports in English: below you can find some examples.

Some of the elements in the references, however, are some puzzling: the use of the phrase “GTA 6” at the same time to “Project Americas”, the alleged codename of the game appeared from previous rumors, is one of these. Strange also the lack of references to a specific PlayStation controller. Many users on Reddit were unable to get the same search results.

As usual, we remind you, therefore, that the alleged rumors or rumors should be interpreted with great caution. To confirm the actual presence of GTA 6, you’ll need to wait for any communication from Rockstar Games!