Apple confirms production start Mac Pro 2019

The new Mac Pro was launched at WWDC 2019 this summer. Just recently, Apple announced the market launch in December. Now, according to Cupertino, the production officially started.

Apple has today made two new announcements by means of a press release. Firstly, the company confirmed the official start of production of the new Mac Pro. Furthermore, Cupertino announced the construction of a new campus in Austin, Texas. It is said to cost about $ 1 billion and not far from the Mac Pro factory. There is already a campus, which can accommodate about 7000 employees. The new building will create another 5,000 jobs according to Apple. As part of the announcement, Apple announced that the new Mac Pros will soon be shipped throughout America. Accordingly, this would mean that extradition to North and South America will be limited.

Now, observers believe that international markets will get mounted models in China. This means, Apple may plan to produce the new Mac Pro for all other countries in China. However, the company did not provide specific information.

Fastest Mac ever

According to Apple, the new Mac Pro will be the fastest Mac ever. This can accommodate an Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 cores. In addition, up to 1.5 TB of ECC RAM, up to 4 TB of SSD memory and up to AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics cards with 64 GB of HBM2 memory can be accommodated in the new Super-Tower. The basic version should start at around 5,999 US dollars. The price for the high-end version is unknown, but estimated at around $ 50,000