Apple introducing new airpods pro whats New ?

Apple officially released AirPods Pro. As Apple’s third-generation AirPods headset, AirPods Pro finally realized the active noise reduction function that everyone hoped for day and night, and it has a leap in sound quality.

AirPods Pro follows Apple’s signature white compact look, which is shorter than the previous AirPods, but with increased width and depth and a slightly heavier weight. The inner tapered earplugs are soft and flexible, and are available in three sizes, large, medium and small, to adjust the fit. They will fit your ear shape, improve the reliability of the AirPods Pro, and achieve superior noise reduction with a high degree of fit. The cylindrical headphone handle has built-in force sensor, which not only can not easily control music and talk, but also switch between active noise reduction and transparent mode.

Apple's new AirPods Pro

According to Apple, AirPods Pro is based on the System in Package (SiP) package. The layout is exquisite and the components are arranged in the shape of the human ear to maximize comfort, fit and stability.

AirPods Pro features active noise reduction that continuously adjusts to the noise of your ear and the fit of the earbuds to block outside noise. The outward-facing microphone detects external sound waves and then cancels it with an equivalent anti-noise wave to achieve noise reduction. The inward microphone will detect if there are any unwanted sound waves in your ear and then offset it with anti-noise waves.

Want to hear the sounds around you? Simply press and hold the force sensor on the earpiece handle to switch between active noise reduction and transparency mode. The transparent mode allows the outside world to enter, so that when you are talking to someone around you, everything sounds and feels natural.

AirPods Pro’s adaptive equalization automatically adjusts music playback to your ear shape for a detailed listening experience. A custom high-amplitude, low-distortion speaker driver unit delivers powerful bass. An inward microphone helps adjust the mid and low frequencies and optimise the audio output. The amplifier pushes the speaker driver unit to eliminate background noise and interacts with the H1 chip to control the sound level. The high dynamic range amplifier delivers pure, clear sound and extends battery life.

AirPods Pro achieves IPX4 anti-sweat and water resistance, ensuring sportiness and daily durability, and by expanding the microphone mesh sound hole, it also enhances call clarity in windy environments.

AirPods Pro can last up to 4.5 hours in a single charge, up to 5 hours in active noise reduction and pass-through mode, 24 hours on a wireless battery pack, compatible with Qi-certified chargers, fast charge, 5 minutes charge You can maintain about 1 hour of listening time.

Like AirPods, AirPods Pro can be paired with your iPhone or Apple Watch, supports “Siri” voice control, supports audio sharing, and supports accessibility. AirPods Pro also comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable.