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Apple Watch Series 5 Reveals Small Increase in Battery, New S5 SoC Running Same S4 CPU and GPU

After disintegrating the iPhone 11, the iFixit team returns with another product. This time, it is the last smartwatch of the Cupertino giant that has gone unnoticed. The disassembly of the Apple Watch Series 5 has highlighted some important, albeit minor, changes that give you more clarity about whether you should update it or not.

As you may have noticed, current and last year’s smartwatches look largely indistinguishable, but as the dismantling of the Apple Watch Series 5 has revealed, there are some changes inside. For example, the battery is only 1.4 percent larger than the predecessor, which can make you wonder where the extra juice for the screen always comes on. According to iFixit, the screen can remain on at all times thanks to the improved efficiency possible thanks to the advanced display controller, LTPO technology, improved power management silicon, and the best ambient light sensor

More details of the disassembly of the Apple Watch Series 5 reveal that the device also has a new patented S5 chip system that has twice the storage of the S4 and a new compass attached to a small gyroscope. However, it inherits the CPU and GPU from the S4, so the performance is expected to remain virtually the same.

The tactical engine, the display, and the battery have redesigned connectors. iFixit also notes that Apple has not struggled to use recycled aluminum, as this is a practice widely used at this time throughout the industry. While the Cupertino giant boasted of manufacturing organic products, the truth is that recycled aluminum is much cheaper than the new one and, therefore, was a better option anyway.

Disassembly of Apple Watch Series 5; Small battery upgrade, new S5 SoC but same S4 ​​CPU, GPU

However, the disassembly of the Apple Watch Series 5 received a repairability score of 6, which means that it is not so easy to repair on your own. The wearable starts at $ 399, with high-end models reaching a whopping $ 1,399

Now, the S series are not systems on a chip (SoC) like the A-series found on iPhones and iPads. They are complete package systems (SIP), which means that there are other things that can change besides the processors.

In this case, the S5 is an S4 with an integrated magnetometer, also known as a digital compass. It is what allows Maps to show you in which direction it is going and do many other things that we have already taken for granted on the phones for a decade.

Troughton-Smith points out that this means that Series 4 owners don’t have to worry about falling behind the new model. You know, apart from the compass, 32 GB of storage, new finishes, and the screen always on. However, the performance of application execution and execution should be the same between both generations.

The lack of a major processing power update for the Apple Watch Series 5 is a bit disappointing, but replacing the Series 4 instead of being sold alongside it makes clear the purchase situation for potential customers. Series 5 is the Apple Watch that you must buy right now