Ark Survival Evolved Update Patch Notes

Ark Latest Patch Notes 2.22 (PS4 Update 545.11)

There have been several updates for Ark Survival Evolved in the past few days , we have the patch notes for the latest update 545.11 from March 13th.

The Latest update 2.22 for Ark Survival Evolved can be downloaded immediately and will be installed. In contrast to the last updates, there are a number of bug fixes and optimizations this time.

Ark Patch Notes 2.22 PS4 Update 545.11

  • High quality loot from missions reduced by approximately 40%.
  • Ocean platforms are now used only as blueprints for mission rewards (to prevent the rewards for receiving materials from being destroyed).
  • Beelzebufo damage to swarms of insects increased 2.5 times
  • Fire damage to insect swarms increased 1.5 times
  • Swarm of insects reduced by 50%
  • AoE damage to Tek cruise missile
  • Reduced explosion radius and size of the explosion lamp in the Tek cruise missile
  • Fixed an issue where swarms of insects could attack through walls
  • Fixed an issue with the Megachelon (turtle) taming method
  • Limited use of cryons and disabled building in the VR Boss arena
  • Fixed an issue where rockfalls were still present at the end.
  • Fixed several visual bugs with Magmasaur
  • Fixed several visual bugs in Space Whale
  • Fixed several bugs in the Ferox taming process
  • You have to hold the sprint button with the Ferox when you jump super. To make a super jump, just jump again + Shift right before landing after a regular jump.
  • Bloodstalker can no longer be knocked out
  • Ambergris weight now weighs 0.5% in magma acid to facilitate parenting.
  • Adaptation of the platform construction area on the Megachelon
  • Fixed Bloodstalker taming.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Hord Crate and the Element node on Extinction
  • Recovered Horde mode data on extinction
    – fixed bugs that prevented bullets from disappearing in the client
  • Kapro-Race discontinues using the “Teleport Out of Bounds” functionality
  • Fixed issue with space whale display name
  • The Tek cruise missile now has a charging time of 2.55s (“arming duration”) before it can carry out its atomic explosion.
  • If a cruise missile was previously destroyed or detonated, it will now perform a harmless explosion.
  • Damage due to Tek claws on structures reduced
  • Fixed issue with player emote specifically for Portuguese language setting
  • Fixed problem with certain languages ​​that did not have suitable directories
  • Basketball mission rewards should now match the intended reward earnings
  • Fixed an issue that caused Pelas and Itchys to fly to xyz coordinates 0 0 0.
  • Fixed an issue where players could attack each other using the mining drill
  • Fixed an issue where items could have received an unintended restriction.
  • Allows transfer of items and creatures outside of Genesis.
  • Temporarily added TEK replicators to loot boxes until a better place was found on the map

Source : ArkForum

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