Borderlands 3 Update Patch Notes

Borderlands 3 Update 1.12 – Mayhem 2.0 Patch Notes

Gearbox released a new update for Borderlands 3. New Update patch notes for Borderlands 3 bringing us the NEW Takedown At The Guardian Breach Which will be live on all platforms. The New Takedown & adds Mayhem 2.0

The Borderlands 3 update 1.12 can be downloaded now and will be installed. The update on Playstation 4 is 1 GB. The size of the download may differ depending on the platform.

Borderlands 3 Update 1.12 – Mayhem 2.0 Patch Notes


  • Support for the new free content that complements the base game Borderlands 3: Elimination at Guardian Breakthrough!

Local Eridian expert Patricia Tannis discovered a mysterious guardian signal on the remote planet Minos Prime and asked you to investigate it. 

  • Battles for Your Life (KUDL) improvements:

– Cooperative resuscitation is now possible. If more than one person revives a player who has gone down, the resuscitation is faster. This is only supported for cooperative players
– The movement speed of players who have been knocked down and actively being revived by a cooperative player has been slowed down
– The interaction radius around a player who has gone down has been increased so that the resuscitation can be started more easily
– It has become a Graphics effect added to the player who has been resuscitated and resuscitated so that the resuscitation is easier to recognize

  • The object cards now show the chaos level


  • Fixed an issue that was causing some players to crash after being kicked out of a host’s game three times in a row
  • Fixed a reported issue that sometimes caused a crash when respecting a client in the “Pious Mouths and Traffic Offenders” mission in Konrad’s Shaft
  • Fixed a reported issue that sometimes caused a crash when attacking enemies using Wedding Invitation with the Galaxy Brain modifier enabled
  • Fixed a reported issue that sometimes caused a crash when the host entered the fight in the carnage tank at the start of round four
  • Fixed several reported crashes


  • Improved performance when navigating in machines
  • User interface optimizations on consoles
  • Improved performance in inventory
  • Improved performance in the short menu
  • Improved performance in the main menu
  • Improved performance in inventory inspection
  • Improved performance in the buddy widget
  • Improved performance in the modal tutorial
  • Improved storage capacity by removing unnecessary frames from the skill tree menus
  • Improved performance when dragging and dropping objects in the inventory menu
  • Fixed an issue that was causing players to sometimes experience a noticeable drop in frame rate when navigating the split screen in the character menu
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in performance sometimes dropping after collecting the ECHO in Konrad’s shaft during “The Demon in the Dark”
  • Improved HUD performance


  • Fixed an issue where the camera would sometimes tilt sideways when using weapons with a high rate of fire while moving sideways
  • Deactivation of all controller inputs when the game window on PC is not in focus
  • Deactivation of the short menu when players are in vehicles or guns
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in an outrunner being sometimes thrown into the air and out of the play area when a user got into the vehicle in the Meridian Metroplex
  • Fixed an issue where the bodies of dead enemies were sometimes stretched inside the elevator in Konrad’s shaft
  • Fixed an issue where the host player could escape the map by crawling into a client’s room entrance while exiting the Sanctuary session
  • Fixed a reported issue where touching a map boundary with a vehicle triggered KUDL
  • Correction of the ammunition costs on machines so that they are derived from the level of the player and not from the level of the machine
  • Fixed an issue where pinstripes and filigree work would sometimes be missing from player skins
  • Fixed an issue where the anointed function “300% damage over 90” did not work correctly on non-meat opponents
  • Fixed an issue where Guardian benefits were only considered active during the session in which they were unlocked
  • Fixed an issue that could cause elemental puddle representations to persist for clients when reloading the map while the puddle was in place
  • Update the credits
  • Previous hotfixes for the game have been added
  • Fixed an issue where the notification bar was moved and stretched across the screen at the bottom of the skill tree menu
  • Fixed a reported issue where the play button in the ECHO log menu was sometimes not displayed correctly


  • There is now a 10 second cooldown in Borderlands Science before a player can make a request to skip the current puzzle to get a new one
  • Fixed an issue where a Borderlands Science Booster could be removed when joining another game session


  • Fixed an issue where the anointed effects of the agent’s action skill could be affected by other action skills when two action skills were activated at the same time


  • There is now a marker in the game world to help you find the  Moxxtail box
  • Fixed an issue with ECHOcast that caused the Moxxtail buff to be lost when joining another game session
  • Fixed an issue reported to ECHOcast where the statistics of rare box winners were displayed incorrectly


  • Fixed an issue where smoke or steam on the Sanctuary could start flickering after a long game

Borderlands 3 update 1.12 CHAOS 2.0

  • Balance corrections to chaos values ​​for health, shields and armor of opponents in chaos levels 7, 8, 9 and 10

At chaos levels 7, 8, 9 and 10, the health, shield, and armor bonuses have been reduced. In Chaos 10, the bonus is now 10,000% instead of 12,500% and the curve from level 7 has been adjusted accordingly.

  • A change has been made so that only the host can randomly select or apply changes to chaos
  • Fixed an issue where the Agonizer 9000, Octopus, Wotan, and Eista would sometimes not spawn equipment at the Chaos level

While we are waiting for crates and vending machines to support Chaos-level equipment, as announced in our  Chaos 2.0 developer update  , these enemies have been corrected to support Chaos as a bridge.

  • The Chaos modifiers Mob Mentality and Chain Gang can no longer be selected at random
  • The Chaos Modifier The ground is lava now fires less and the damage taken is no longer part of keeping the player in combat
  • The Chaos modifier Chain Gang now creates rays when the player is closer and dissolves when he is further away so that he doesn’t fire as often
  • Optimization of combat timer renewal in chaos

The four changes above have been made to make Chaos 2.0 run smoothly. We continue to monitor the performance of Chaos 2.0 and will make further changes in the future. The Chaos modifiers Buddy Principle and Drone Ranger are still being tested and are not yet activated again.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing players to sometimes load incorrectly after throwing grenades and making chaos changes
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the Travel Countdown Timer sometimes not showing the map name when making changes to Chaos Modifiers after the player activated a New-U station that was not a Fast Travel station
  • Fixed an issue that caused the numeric display on the Chaos socket to not display properly after adjusting the level
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Border Gun Warning to not disappear when changing Chaos Settings in a restricted area
  • Fixed an issue where the opponent’s TOD from Chaos modifier Post Mortem could not cause damage to Moze’s Iron Bear or players in Iron Bears gun emplacement
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the opponent’s death from Chaos modifier Post Mortem spinning in a circle when spawned by an enemy that the player didn’t complete
  • There is now a limit to the number of visual effects when projectiles with the Chaos modifiers Post Mortem and Ice Catch are damaged
  • Post Mortem, Healing Avenger, and Icefang now check the dying opponent’s relationship with the player when deciding whether to spawn
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be briefly transferred to KUDL when the Chaos Modifier Rogue-Lite is active
  • Fixed an issue that caused rays spawned by Chaos Modifier to sometimes visually stick to the player when Border Questions were raised
  • Fixed an issue that could cause rays spawned by Chaos Modifier Border Questions to sometimes remain attached to the player after defeating an ally NPC player
  • Fixed an issue where the Chaos Modifier beam effect would sometimes not trigger border issues when there was an obstacle between the player and the opponent
  • Fixed an issue where some heads were not properly scaling galaxy brain when Chaos Modifier was active
  • Fixed an issue where Chaos Modifier abilities would sometimes not work properly on enemies
  • Fixed a reported issue with weapon drops from critical strikes while the Chaos Modifier Great Raid was active; they did not always correspond to the current level of chaos
  • Vehicles can now be targeted by Chaos Modifiers


  • Fixed an issue where the D-pad icons to change the pursued mission were still showing in the HUD when playing with the classic assignment
  • Fixed a reported issue where an empty HUD prompt appeared above the experience bar after spending skill points
  • Fixed a reported issue where multiple expanded messages overlapped each other after a broken controller connection
  • Fixed an issue where the user interface speed did not change when adding a split-screen player
  • Fixed an issue where the client’s countdown did not appear on the screen after accepting an invitation to a duel
  • Other text chat improvements
  • Update of the information about switching the viewed event to “Show another event”
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused parts of the HUD to be missing when you paused and resumed the game quickly

Borderlands 3 update 1.12 HOTFIXES

This week there are a number of equipment balance changes as promised in the Chaos 2.0 developer update, as well as hotfixes specifically for Guard Breakthrough elimination. Make sure that the hotfixes have been activated in the main menu so that the changes take effect and everything runs optimally for you.

In order for hotfixes to become active, stay in the main menu until a sign appears stating that hotfixes have been applied! If you have any problems or want to give feedback, please submit a request to

  • Anointed items from Revenge of the Cartels have been added to the permanent drop pool for equipment
  • Fixed an issue where the spines of the Mantakorax and Korax ignored Zane’s barrier
  • Balance adjustments to the number of enemies that are active simultaneously during Guard Breakthrough Elimination
  • Balance adjustments on a number of enemies during Guard Breakthrough Elimination
  • Fixed a possible progress blocker on high-speed travel while eliminating the Guardian breakthrough
  • Fixed an issue that caused the agent’s SNTNL not to target its enemies in some cases


As mentioned in the patch information, we’ve adjusted the health, shield, and armor values ​​for Chaos levels 7 and higher. As part of this change, we need to adjust equipment to reflect that. By lowering enemies’ health, shields, and armor at higher levels of chaos, all the equipment you currently have will feel more effective if you eliminate enemies at those high levels. SMGs have proven to be one of the most popular types of weapons, so we focused on them in this update. We have decided that changes to this extent combined with the scaling changes are a good way. We will monitor player feedback in the coming weeks and make further adjustments if necessary.

Weapon buffs

The number of viable SMGs felt small compared to the relative range of this weapon type. As a result, we increased the damage on some of them this week.

  • Bitch weapon damage increase
  • Handsome Jackhammer weapon damage increase
  • Increased weapon damage at Devoted
  • Increase weapon damage on Cloud Kill
  • Increased weapon damage in the tsunami
  • Gun damage increased at Ten Gallon
  • Ripper melee bonus damage increase

The Ripper’s melee bonus damage did not provide enough incentive to use the intended process. We have increased melee attack damage.

  • Increased weapon damage at Vanquisher

The base damage of the Vanquisher and their bonus damage when sliding have been increased. As with the ripper, its core workflow was not used because the bonus when sliding before this change was not significant enough.

  • Increase bonus damage when sliding at Vanquisher

Rippers and Vanquisher should now be very effective when using their unique processes.

Gun nerfs

We noticed that some items of equipment were too strong or did not work as intended, which inadvertently led players to bet on variants that only used these items. This also allowed players to bypass the slower growth in the Chaos levels over time. By lowering these values ​​and changing some data, players should feel able to experiment with other equipment again.

Sand Hawk

The Sand Hawk produced too many particle systems and we noticed that this caused performance problems. It also did too much damage compared to other sniper rifles. To fix this, we have made the following changes:

  • Gun cost increased from 2 to 3 – We have increased the cost of firing the weapon so players can use its ammunition more carefully. With the additional SDUs added with the Cartel Revenge patch, players should still be able to use the weapon fairly often.
  • Removal of 2 projectiles – As mentioned, the weapon cost too much performance, so we removed two particle systems per shot. This also reduced the weapon’s damage output.
  • Increased precision spread – To compensate for the change due to the missing projectiles, we have expanded the spread to cover the same area.
  • Reduction of projectile life – Too many active particle systems from successive shots severely affected performance, which is why we have reduced the life of the projectiles.
  • Increased projectile speed – This was necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the weapon in combat. Because we have reduced the life of the projectiles, we have them too. The result is a weapon that feels as effective as before and also reacts even better.


We discovered an unfortunate bug with the Yellowcake that caused 100% more damage than expected. That will be fixed today.

  • Change in damage scaling – The Yellowcake used an incorrect scaling calculation, which increased the damage considerably more than intended. We change this to the intended calculation.
  • Lowering the Damage to Split Projectiles – We’re lowering the damage to each split projectile because they too were too strong.


The Kaoson was stronger than intended, which is why it became the indispensable SMG. With today’s changes, it should still do a lot of damage based on explosion bonus damage, but not quite as much as it did in the past.

  • Increase in Precision Impulse – Their precision allowed players to deal damage with pinpoint accuracy; with the additional explosion damage, the output was further maximized. We are increasing the precision impulse to better take into account the explosion bonus damage.
  • Increase in maximum precision – With fully automatic, the spread was extremely low, which in turn led to more damage maximization than intended. We have increased the maximum value accordingly.
  • Critical Damage Reduction – The explosion damage caused by this weapon allows more critical hits, so the critical bonus has been slightly reduced.
  • Lower Base Damage – Because the Kaoson basically had two damage points – the original bullet and the explosive projectile – it did far more damage than a regular SMG. We lower the base damage to include the double damage function more appropriately.

Anointed buffs

Various anointed aspects were not valuable enough, which is why they were not used by players. In pursuit of more variation in chamber-hunter variants, we have made a number of anointed buffs.

  • Anointed Objects in the Air – We have increased the effectiveness of anointed air damage, critical damage, and the rate of fire. The anointed rate of fire in the air also had a bug that was fixed to greatly improve this anointed aspect. We are very excited to see which variants we will see especially when eliminating the Guardian breakthrough.
  • Rate of fire while sliding – Again, there was a bug that prevented the intended bonus from taking effect. We fixed that with the hotfixes.
  • Action Skill End – A number of these anointed types have been strengthened to make them more effective in several variations. Rate of Fire, Next-2 Mag Bonus Damage, and Indirect Damage have all been dealt more damage.
  • Fire damage when Auto Bear is active – Increased considerably to make variants with Iron Bear more effective.

Source : Gearbox

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