Call of Duty Mobile: (COD) Five beginners tips that helps to get you started. guide for beginner

Call of Duty Mobile: Five beginners tips that helps to get you started guide for beginner

Call of Duty has finally entered the mobile gaming space significantly with the launch of CoD Mobile and here are some useful tips to help you get started.

With early access to Call of Duty Mobile that was launched worldwide on September 30, players finally have an authentic mobile version of the disc series in their hands.

Call of Duty Mobile: (COD) Five beginners tips that helps to get you started. guide for beginner
Call of Duty Mobile: (COD) Five beginners tips that helps to get you started. guide for beginner

The game does a fantastic job of replicating the popular FPS franchise, but the game itself differs for obvious reasons to accommodate the new platform. Here are some useful tips for you to start running

During the entire time you play Call of Duty Mobile, you will get a lot of updates for your favorite weapons. These updates can be unlocked by using XP cards.

XP cards are obtained through the battle pass by completing various challenges and gaining experience along the way. Once you have some cards in your inventory, simply navigate to your cargo, select your weapon of choice and comb through the many available updates.

Buy weapon upgrades

From various scopes and sights, to suppressors and front tips, be sure not to neglect these unlocks, as they can play a key role in providing you with a competitive edge.

Settle on an aiming preference

In essence, Call of Duty has to do with how well you can aim. If you are not hitting any of your shots, none of your targets will meet your disappearance. As soon as the game starts for the first time, you will enter the shooting range where you will learn the basics of mobile movement and pointing mechanics. Try the two separate aiming settings for yourself and find which one works best for your personal play style.

There is the ‘simple mode’ setting that will automatically fire your weapon from the hip when your crosshairs are placed on an enemy. Alternatively, there is the ‘advanced mode’ that allows you to adjust the aiming function and even enable 1-touch ADS, which makes it easier to shoot at remote targets. Experiment with both until aiming becomes second nature.

Make yourself harder to hit

It is never the easiest to line up a perfect shot in a mobile shooting game, much less when your target seems to be on ice skates dancing everywhere.

This is exactly what you should aim to do in Call of Duty Mobile once you feel comfortable enough with your own aiming basics. Constantly changing the angles, changing direction and adjusting the speed of your movement are just some of the things you can do to become a more difficult target, all while inflicting your own damage on the enemy team.

Know the battlegrounds

Knowing the map is a key factor in all Call of Duty titles, therefore, the mobile version of the game is no different.

There are a total of nine maps in the game throughout the early access period and most of them are recreations of favorite maps of fans of previous entrants.

From Nuketown to Standoff and Raid, it is absolutely vital that you familiarize yourself with the surroundings so you can better predict where the enemy team will come from. Knowing spawning locations is an essential way to find some easier eliminations

Use killstreaks wisely

Last but not least, be sure to use killstreaks as soon as it is safe to do so. Matches in the mobile version of the game can be incredibly fast, so it often makes no sense to hold a predatory missile for too long.

Try to find a safe place on the map and call your killstreaks as soon as possible.

Call of Duty Mobile is packed with features, including a playlist ranked at launch. Unlocked at level 10, this playlist is for those of you who have mastered the above-mentioned tips and feel more than confident in your abilities.

Stay tuned to TheGameRoof for the latest Call of Duty patch notes, and content drop news for the game.

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