How to Play and Unlock Zombies in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile: How to Play and Unlock Zombies Mode

Call of Duty Mobile proved very successful for Activision in about two months. The game has attracted millions of downloads using only two modes: the multiplayer standard and Battle Royale. This week has changed with the return of the preferred secondary status for franchisees, zombies.

Since Call of Duty: World at War 2008, this situation has appeared frequently throughout the series, offering fans a break from the main military action with more crowd-based challenges against undead hordes installed on maps specifically designed for Call of Duty Zombies Now, as it is available on mobile devices for a limited time, newcomers should be given more incentives to experience the game, even if they cannot access it immediately.


Anyone who downloaded the game this weekend may be surprised to discover that they can’t immediately jump into zombie mode. This is intentional, and fortunately for impatient fans, it does not take long to cure it. All you have to do to unlock Zombies mode from Call of Duty Mobile is reach level 5 by normally playing the rest of the game. Once you do this, players are free to play as they want as long as it is available. Fortunately, a wider selection of games.


For those who jump into Call of Duty: Zombies for the first time, here’s the essence: Players, who play alone or with up to three others, are dropped on a map (in this case, Shi Nu Numa is one of the original maps of Zombies of Call of Duty: World at War) armed only with a gun and knife and is responsible for defending against zombies that begin their squadron. By killing zombies and climbing windows to slow down their progress, players can earn points to buy better upgrades for weapons/characters, unlock new parts of maps, adjust traps, and unlock powerful abilities to change tides.

Zombies mode in Call of Duty Mobile currently comes in two formats: Survival and Raid. Survival is a classic zombie experience where players face the challenge of surviving as many waves as possible, with better rewards for completing more waves. Meanwhile, Raid is a new option to experience COD Zombies that shake things by throwing a certain number of waves (8 or 12 depending on the difficulty chosen) for players to clear them and their ultimate trainer to fight. This coach is a scorpion-like abomination in Shi No Numa, but there is another coach for players to find when playing Raid on Hardcore.

For repetition, the Zombies mode currently available in Call of Duty Mobile will not be available for long. Still, Activision stated that Shi No Numa, his bosses and hidden secrets are only the “first of several zombie experiments” planned for the game, as well as all the limited time events added to Call of Duty Mobile. In short, players should not have to wait long for more zombie content once the current event ends.

Call of Duty Mobile is available on iOS and Android devices.

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