Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans send Activision a clear warning about supplies falling

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Double XP Event is Live Now

Infiniti Ward & Call of Duty: Modern Warfare celebrates the following Thanksgiving holiday with a gift for gamers: They are given a double weapon XP and a dual XP, which has already begun for all platforms.

The launch of the first season of Modern Warfare is also imminent, and with the announcement of the special event, Infinity Ward exchanged little information about the new season progression system and other content provided. The first season starts on December 3, and Infinity Ward also shared some of the benefits that players who benefit from the dual XP event will see.

Infinity Ward posted the news via Activision’s blog. “The first season is almost on us, and to celebrate the biggest drop in content in Call of Duty history, Infinity Ward activates Double XP between now and December 2, so you can focus on completing the progress officer that you“ already pledged, ”he wrote. Infinity Ward added that “on December 3, your rank reached until the beginning of the first season will be blocked and saved with all the tapes and the rank of the final officer you got.” Players will also receive two weapon plans if they get enough ranks: silence in 56th position The OG is in the range of 155.

Those arriving at the ranks of officers before December 3rd will see some additional changes when Season 1 is launched. “At the beginning of the first season, those who have reached the ranks of officers (56+) will get their ranks updated officers, starting a new journey on the official course of the season 1 (range 56 to 155), “wrote Barrio Infinito. “Players will find another 100 bars to win through a new set of challenges, which will lead to a new and distinctive cartoon logo.” Everything else won by players in the next few days will be transferred to the first season, and players who do not reach the official ranks of the season’s release may continue to finish the domains registered before proceeding.

Fortunately, the dual XP event and the next season of content contribute greatly to making Modern Warfare fans happy, especially as the latest update shook some pens among the players. With most of these problems fixed and fans’ favorite game styles in the first season, things are getting better.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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